It’s worth repeating, your CV work experience section is the single most important part of your job application. Read more: What to Include in a CV: Essential Sections. What to Include in a Work Experience CV Section: Examples, procuring new supplier and using solid negotiation skills, multi-channel support for 100,000+ customer accounts.

Our easy-to-use tools and expert advice have helped over 70% of our Members get the job they want! Don’t just write a shopping list of your duties. The number one lesson here is not to stress if you don’t think you have the right level of previous employment history – don’t be afraid to use whatever experience is available to you to demonstrate your skills, just make it clear exactly what that roles consisted off. So that’s the numbers game sorted. And because there are 50 of those action words right in this very post, you no longer have an excuse for submitting a dull resume! Compare these CV work experience examples to see what I mean. Should you include volunteer work in your work experience CV section? A CV work experience example so you can see exactly how it should be done. The statements are sentence fragments that generally begin with a verb. Show how you made a significant contribution to the company, even if you were only there a short while, and how you were able to adapt yourself to the team and their business needs. For a CV with no work experience, or less than 5 years of paid work, include voluntary work in your work experience section.

Thanks for reading. Take a step back, think about what you’ve learnt from the job, and get it down on paper. It’s fast and easy to use. Include all the required information about each job using a clear and consistent layout. Try our CV builder. Get on-trend and freshen up your job search with our collection of 18 expertly designed modern CV templates. So take that same resume from okay to great by replacing those simple, boring phrases with some punch-packing, meaningful verbs to describe your skills and accomplishments. Join over 4.6 million Pongo Members — and let us help you land your, Student Lands Job in Hospitality Industry.

With the same stuff. Consider how much work you completed in a given timeframe and how often you completed particular tasks. That seems obvious, but here are some tips to make them more effective.

Another word for experience. Don’t start each line with ‘responsible for’, you’ll just put the reader to sleep. Provided telephone support for 50,000+ accounts across the Midlands. You are a numbers person though, it just depends on using some smart approaches to include them. To have any chance of success you need to customise the work experience on your CV for every application you send. A good rule of thumb is to go back 10–15 years.

Research the company and consider the requirements of the role and the industry. For the same reason keep each bullet point brief, two lines at most.