The Vicar Of Wakefield A Tale In Two Volumes By Dr Goldsmith Of 2 Volume 1.

Theysupported the conversation between themselves, while my daughterssate silent, admiring their exalted breeding. ', As she spoke, Moses came slowly on foot, and sweating under thedeal box, which he had strapt round his shoulders like a pedlar.-- 'Welcome, welcome, Moses; well, my boy, what have you broughtus from the fair?' 0000065048 00000 n 'I take it with all my heart, Sir,' replied he, 'and amglad that a late oversight in giving what money I had about me,has shewn me that there are still some men like you.

Temporal evils or felicities being regardedby heaven as things merely in themselves trifling and unworthyits care in the distribution, 29. The little republic to which I gave laws, was regulated in thefollowing manner: by sun-rise we all assembled in our commonappartment; the fire being previously kindled by the servant.After we had saluted each other with proper ceremony, for Ialways thought fit to keep up some mechanical forms of goodbreeding, without which freedom ever destroys friendship, we allbent in gratitude to that Being who gave us another day.

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"'You are quite right, my dear,' returned I, 'and I was going tomake the very same proposal. I had always some ambition, and you nowsee that I was right; for who knows how this may end?' But the condescension of the ladieswas still superior to their other accomplishments. The description of a Person discontented with the presentgovernment, and apprehensive of the loss of our liberties, 20.

I now found, that--that--I forget what Iwas going to observe: in short, sir, he resolved to respecthimself, and laid down a plan of restoring his falling fortune.For this purpose, in his own whimsical manner he travelledthrough Europe on foot, and now, though he has scarce attainedthe age of thirty, his circumstances are more affluent than ever.At present, his bounties are more rational and moderate thanbefore; but still he preserves the character of an humourist, andfinds most pleasure in eccentric virtues.'. To heighten oursatisfaction two blackbirds answered each other from oppositehedges, the familiar redbreast came and pecked the crumbs fromour hands, and every sound seemed but the echo of tranquillity. A proper person is no easy matter tofind, and to be sure thirty pounds a year is a small stipend fora well-bred girl of character, that can read, write, and behavein company; as for the chits about town, there is no bearing themabout one.'--'FUDGE!

In this exigence, therefore, my onlyresource was to order my son, with an important air, to call ourcoach.

0000013970 00000 n Instead therefore of finishing George's shirts, wenow had them new modelling their old gauzes, or flourishing uponcatgut. So that if we had not, very rich, we generallyhad very happy friends about us; for this remark will hold goodthro' life, that the poorer the guest, the better pleased he everis with being treated: and as some men gaze with admiration atthe colours of a tulip, or the wing of a butterfly, so I was bynature an admirer of happy human faces. There was in fact nothing thatcould make us angry with the world or each other.

The pursuit of a father to reclaim a lostchild to virtue, 19. The greatest stranger in this world,was he that came to save it. 0000291740 00000 n

published in 1766. Theblockhead has been imposed upon, and should have known hiscompany better.'

0000013073 00000 n I suspected, however, with more probability, thather affections were placed upon a different object. Mr Thornhill came with a couple of friends, hischaplain, and feeder. She had sunk twice, nor was itin my power to disengage myself in time to bring her relief. Good fortune seemed resolved not to come alone.

Former benevolence now repaid with unexpected interest, The description of the family of Wakefield; in which a kindredlikeness prevails as well of minds as of persons.

They swam, sprawled,languished, and frisked; but all would not do: the gazers indeedowned that it was fine; but neighbour Flamborough observed, thatMiss Livy's feet seemed as pat to the music as its echo. Tell me, Sophy, my dear, what do youthink of our new visitor?

Let us then,without repining, give up those splendours with which numbers arewretched, and seek in humbler circumstances that peace with whichall may be happy. --'A fig for the silver rims,' cried my wife, in apassion: 'I dare swear they won't sell for above half the moneyat the rate of broken silver, five shillings an ounce.' 0000066052 00000 n Read Online. Thinking freely of religion, may beinvoluntary with this gentleman: so that allowing his sentimentsto be wrong, yet as he is purely passive in his assent, he is nomore to be blamed for his errors than the governor of a citywithout walls for the shelter he is obliged to afford an invadingenemy.

--'Phoo, Charles,' interrupted she, 'all thatis very true; but not what I would be at. Oliver Goldsmith. Olivia,now about eighteen, had that luxuriancy of beauty with whichpainters generally draw Hebe; open, sprightly, and commanding.Sophia's features were not so striking at first; but often didmore certain execution; for they were soft, modest, and alluring.The one vanquished by a single blow, the other by effortssuccessfully repeated., This article mainly deals with Oliver Goldsmith's novel entitiled The Vicar of ... Bu makale temel olarak Oliver Goldsmith'in Wakefield Papazı adlı romanından.

0000008563 00000 n This sportsman was the 'Squire's chaplain,who had shot one of the blackbirds that so agreeably entertainedus. Author Oliver Goldsmith | Submitted by: Jane Kivik Free download or read online The Vicar of Wakefield pdf (ePUB) book. No, sir, there I protest youare too hard for me.'

I was early innitiated into thisimportant dispute, on which so many laborious volumes have beenwritten. Sheprided herself also upon being an excellent contriver in house-keeping; tho' I could never find that we grew richer with all hercontrivances. LEGAL NOTICE: The following PDFs files has been found on the Web. My wifewas usually fond of a weesel skin purse, as being the most lucky;but this by the bye. This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it.

The bashful look, the rising breast,Alternate spread alarms:The lovely stranger stands confestA maid in all her charms.

:�4�z��̵ȹج!�ܫSʧtlii@ �p Q��� ��[ZT;XHP��eRJJ��0 The loss of fortune only serves to encreasethe pride of the worthy.

Thisgentleman he described as one who desired to know little more ofthe world than its pleasures, being particularly remarkable forhis attachment to the fair sex.

My wife now kept up the conversation,though not the argument: she observed, that several very prudentmen of our acquaintance were free-thinkers, and made very goodhusbands; and she knew some sensible girls that had skill enoughto make converts of their spouses: 'And who knows, my dear,'continued she, 'what Olivia may be able to do. Mychief attention therefore was now to bring down the pride of myfamily to their circumstances; for I well knew that aspiringbeggary is wretchedness itself. 0000064973 00000 n Besides, if the 'Squire had any real affection for myeldest daughter, this would be the way to make her every wayqualified for her fortune.

Mr Burchell, who was of the party, was always fond of seeing someinnocent amusement going forward, and set the boys and girls toblind man's buff. In this agreeable interval, mywife had the most lucky dreams in the world, which she took careto tell us every morning, with great solemnity and exactness. --'Welldone, my good children,' cried I, 'hospitality is one of thefirst Christian duties. Description would but beggar, therefore it isunnecessary to describe this new mortification.

He always stands out and higgles, andactually tires them till he gets a bargain.'.

'But from the mountain's grassy side,A guiltless feast I bring;A scrip with herbs and fruits supply'd,And water from the spring. As the floods were not yet subsided, we were obliged tohire a guide, who trotted on before, Mr Burchell and I bringingup the rear. 0000052262 00000 n The history of a philosophic vagabond, pursuing novelty, butlosing content, 21. The two ladies had been at our house to see us, and finding usfrom home, came after us hither, as they were uneasy to know whataccident could have kept us from church the day before.

--'I have brought you myself,' cried Moses,with a sly look, and resting the box on the dresser.--'Ay,Moses,' cried my wife, 'that we know, but where is the horse?' The silver rims alone will sell fordouble money.'

', 'Why, my dear, what controversy can she have read?'