While in Austria, Peter called the Nordiques, telling them that he and Anton wanted to defect. In the first half of his second season, he was one of the league’s top scorers.

For all their scoring success, the only thing missing on the Šťastný brothers’ resume was a Stanley Cup championship. In the early 1980s they defected to Canada to play with the, , and became one of the most exciting and successful scoring lines in. Toucher la cible honours Marián (left wing), Anton (centre) and Peter (right wing) Stastny in the positions they played with the Québec Nordiques. Les trois sont membres de l’équipe nationale aux Jeux olympiques d’hiver de1980, à Lake Placid, dans l’État de New York. ''How did Galina get here?'' Sa demande est toutefois refusée. Ils planifient même d’aider les frères à déserter lors des Jeux olympiques d’hiver de Lake Placid, dans l’État de New York. In fact, in an attempt to stop the exodus of young talent from the country, the Czechoslovakian hockey governing body began allowing veteran players to leave in exchange for large transfer payments from NHL teams. The Šťastný brothers — Marián, Peter and Anton — were a trio of star hockey forwards from Czechoslovakia. Aubut stated that the success of the defection ‘was like a victory by capitalism over communism’. Marián instead went home and applied for emigration to Canada through the proper channels; however, his application was denied. Though Mikita was a hero across the USSR and particularly Czechoslovakia, to follow in his footsteps wasn’t as simple as moving to the US in order to play in the NHL. This Day in Hockey History – August 24, 1980 – Slovakian Stastny Siblings, https://www.si.com/vault/1980/11/17/825149/dont-call-us-well-call-you-two-czech-stars-got-on-the-phone-to-quebec-and-came-in-from-the-cold, https://www.nhl.com/news/peter-stastny-100-greatest-nhl-hockey-players/c-285607424?tid=283865022, This Day in Hockey History – August 23, 1973 – In the Doug Outs, This Day in Hockey History – August 25, 1938 – Maroons Go Dark, This Day in Hockey History – May 5, 1926 – Sun Sets in the West and Rises in the East, This Day in Hockey History – May 4, 1991 – Caps for Klima, This Day in Hockey History – September 16, 1998 – Peter Stastny Enters the Hall | The Pink Puck, The Impact of Matt Niskanen’s Retirement for the Flyers, Bruins Lead Series with Strong Play from Halak and Coyle.
It was the first time in N.H.L. He also travelled within the Eastern Bloc countries, as was permitted to most citizens of Czechoslovakia, but always returned.

The Šťastnýs’ success helped to fast-track the acceptance of European players in the NHL. NHL100: Peter Stastny. Isolated and unhappy that his hockey career was over, Marián planned his family’s escape. Stastny brothers honoured at ExpoCité ... Anton (centre) and Peter (right wing) Stastny in the positions they played with the Québec Nordiques. Peter has also been honoured with a place in the Hockey hall of fame, after an NHL career of 977 regular season games in which he scored 1239 points. Ses deux fils, Yan et Paul (tous les deux nés à Québec), sont joueurs de hockey professionnels. Unfortunately, the Nordiques representatives were recognized by Czechoslovakian security personnel and had to hightail it to the embassy at 10 Dr. Karl Leuvering Strasse. After securing a transit visa from the Austrian embassy in Zagreb, they crossed into Austria and contacted. Long unhappy with life under Communist rule, the Šťastný brothers were also dissatisfied with their team’s fortunes, caused primarily by corrupt team management. As a member of the national team, Marian enjoyed a comfortable life style for Czechoslovakia, as Peter and Anton had - an apartment, a car, about a hundred dollars for most victories, nearly $200 for a victory over the Soviet team. He also travelled within the Eastern Bloc countries, as was permitted to most citizens of Czechoslovakia, but always returned. Right winger Marián, centre Peter and left winger Anton all quickly rose up the junior ranks of Czechoslovakian hockey. The installation is built to resemble a game of table hockey, on which players would turn the rods to make the figures move as they would on the ice. Today’s NHL has a multitude of talented players from all over Europe and North America. Les Šťastný jouent au hockey sur une patinoire extérieure de fortune, qu’ils construisent à l’aide de boyaux d’arrosage et de planches d’occasion. All three were part of the national team at the 1980 Olympic Winter Games in Lake Placid, New York, where Czechoslovakia finished fifth. Leger and Aubut arrived in Innsbruck the next day, negotiated the contracts and planned an escape by auto after Sunday night's game to Vienna, where the two Stastnys and Dariana would seek political asylum in the Canadian Embassy. He would play two more injury-plagued seasons in Québec before leaving for one more NHL season (1985–86) in. Anton, le plus jeune, se joint à eux pour défendre, avec succès, le titre mondial de l’équipe tchécoslovaque en1977. Dans. In their last 14 games, the Nordiques have won 11, tied one and lost only two, although Dan Bouchard, the goaltender recently obtained from the Calgary Flames, also has been a factor in that streak. […] Peter, his wife, and his brother Anton would do just that while their club team HC Slovan Bratislava was in Innsbruck, Austria for a tournament in August of 1980. The following season he played in Switzerland for HC Sierre, before retiring from competitive hockey. De plus, il est suivi par les autorités, il doit se rapporter à la police sur une base hebdomadaire et on lui interdit de pratiquer le droit. When his brothers told him their plan, Marian said, ” It was the worst moment I had to go through in my life so far, because I realized that it will be over for me and I cannot go with them, because I did not have my family with me.”, That left Marian to face the backlash caused by his brothers’ defection. With my brothers, I know.''. ( Log Out /  Les Nordiques de Québec, qui avaient recruté Anton en1979, sont les plus tenaces. Peter was honoured with a place in the Hockey hall of fame, after an NHL career of 977 regular season games in which he scored 1239 points. Peter Gzowski, The Game of our Lives (2006); Tai Pinchevsky, Breakaway: From Behind The Iron Curtain To The NHL — The Untold Story Of Hockey’s Great Escapes (2012); Andrew Podnieks et al, Kings Of The Ice: A History of World Hockey (2002). Awards They grew up idolizing Václav Nedomanský, a star on the Czechoslovakian national team who in 1974 became the first player from a Communist country to defect to North America, where he played in the World Hockey Association and the National Hockey League. And he simply told me that, ‘Take your equipment and put into the dressing room and leave as soon as possible.’” Anton admitted, “We knew that life for Marian would change completely.” According to Peter, “I really felt responsible for all of the misery he had to go through because they punished him miserably. Marián scored a fantastic 89 points in his first NHL season (1981–82). Pelletier, J., Šťastný Brothers (2016). Perfectly summarizing the mindset going into this, then president of the Nordiques Marcel Aubut said, “Believe it or not, there’s a mother in Czechoslovakia who’s got a son [Anton] who is the star on the left side , another son [Peter] who’s a star in the center , and another one [Marian] who is the star on the right wing. Peter would even help some of them adjust as he spoke no less than six languages! The next three-brother showing would come in the 2012–13 season, when Eric and Jordan Staal of the Carolina Hurricanes were joined by brother Jared for two games.
Le lendemain, MarcelAubut, président et PDG des Nordiques de Québec, ainsi que GillesLéger, directeur du personnel, arrivent à Innsbruck, en Autriche. In 1990, Peter was traded to the New Jersey Devils, and from 1993 to 1995 he played with the St. Louis Blues. Il élève ses enfants dans cette veine.

Twice they made it to the Conference final, losing to the New York Islanders in 1982 and the Philadelphia Flyers in 1985. He informed them that he and his brother wanted to leave for Canada. Il joue pour les Nordiques de Québec de1980 à1990, période au cours de laquelle il est le meilleur buteur de l’équipe. And they still do. That was how the Stastny brothers defected from Czechoslovakia to Canada in 1980. Mari. Au début des années 1980, ils ont fait défection au Canada pour jouer avec les Nordiques de Québec, devenant ainsi l’un des trios de buteurs les plus excitants et prolifiques de l’histoire de la Ligue nationale de hockey (LNH). De1980 à1989, Anton joue 650 parties dans la LNH, toutes avec les Nordiques de Québec. and there were some problems with the hockey club there.”, When HC Slovan Bratislava traveled to Innsbruck for a tournament, Peter and Anton made their move.