The St. Louis Jane Doe of 1983. Vernon took notice and lured her into his home. The victim, dubbed "Hope" by some, was buried in the Washington Park Cemetery, a historically black, but derelict cemetery. They believe she was possibly out of state after checking the Missouri school records. I know they probably thought of this, but did they compare the knots if this Jane Doe with the knots he made on his other victims? They conducted ran ads in every African American newspaper and magazine in the country, corresponded with every state police agency, and did a full anthropology exam and isotope analysis, which was completed by the NCMEC and the Smithsonian Institute. One of the individuals pulled out his lighter to light his cigarette and … He had a very troubled upbringing and suffered from excessive physical abuse from his grandfather.

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Two men discovered the victim's body in the furnace room in the basement of a vacant apartment building on Clemens Avenue in St. Louis.

She was later found raped and strangled in a vacant residence that was owned by Vernon’s grandmother. Herb Riley gave them photos of Jane Doe’s fingerprints, and as they passed the photocopies around they all had the same conclusion; her head would be located on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico and he should immediately contact the Coast Guard.