Craft plaster is rather thin and “runny” before it sets, so prepare your space accordingly. on Step 4. We use cookies to give you the best shopping experience. From simple wounds to full on Monster suit. WARNING: If you have a latex allergy, DO NOT use liquid latex! I have always wanted to do a costume with a lot of prosthetics but the stuff that they have at the Halloween store is expensive and never looks right. Make-up FX Latex Exposed Throat Prosthetic, Make-up FX Latex Exposed Nose & Mouth Prosthetic, Make-up FX Hyper-Realistic Water Transfer Wound - Zombie Rot, Make-up FX Hyper-Realistic Water Transfer Wound - Zombie Exposed Teeth, Make-up FX Hyper-Realistic Water Transfer Wound - Dead Flesh, Make-up FX Hyper-Realistic Water Transfer Wound - Bullet Hole, Make-up FX Hyper-Realistic Water Transfer Wound - Cut & Slashed. As you peel it from the mold, peel slowly and brush powder over the newly exposed latex. All professional quality with vegan options and an outstanding selection. Otherwise, just make sure your workspace is large enough to accommodate the plaster running.

You don’t need prior sculpting experience, just play with it, have fun and be creative! Only professional quality brands used by body painters worldwide. If you absolutely need to use a brush you have, but can't throw away after, I'd suggest cleaning it between application of layers. Again, start by making sure you have a clean space to work, where any spilled latex won’t hurt anything. You have created a custom makeup prosthetic the world has never seen before. Later, I used spirit gum to adhere the prosthetic piece to my skin and used Halloween makeup to paint it to look like a real scar. If a softer rubber is desired, small additions of Deadener will reduce hardness without tack. Prosthetics and Lifecasting . We are also invested in the future of our industry, mentoring the next generation of artists. I used the butterknife to cut patterns into a thin piece of clay, then used my fingers to close up the cuts in a raised fashion, simulating scarring. We fabricate and sell prosthetics, FX makeup. Special FX Prosthetics PlatSil ® Gels are platinum-cured silicone rubbers that have become the industry standard for making state-of-the-art theatrical prosthetic appliances for use in film, theater and television. Now, slowly pour your plaster over your clay model, making sure the plaster has enough time to disperse any bubbles. Patience is key here. One method I like is using card-stock strips and tape to create a “fence” around your mold, as seen in the above picture. Hours: Monday-Friday | 8:30am - 4:30pm (EST). Now that you’ve got your tools together, you can start on your project! Woochie professional Special FX latex prosthetics. Then, I carefully dabbed with the washcloth to create the rough, mottled texture I wanted. Short Short! Red Carpet FX® and "Truly Professional Make-up™" are trademarks of Red Carpet FX Limited. A few quick tips to add:If you brush your latex in layers, and use a blow dryer to speed up setting between each layer, you will have a finished product faster. Set up your mold upside-down, so you can pour the latex in. It also increases working and demold time. The appliance can be carefully removed, covered with clear, clean plastic wrap or wax paper and reused. 610-559-8620 | 800-858-5990 A disposable waterproof sheet. Red Carpet FX® and "Truly Professional Make-up™" are trademarks of Red Carpet FX Limited. Special FX Makeup & Prosthetics, Creatures and Specialty Costumes for Film, Television and Entertainment. Orders are being dispatched as normal. With all of their available additives, PlatSil Gels can be controlled by the artist to meet the needs of any prosthetic application. Most recently we have created Makeup effect, Creatures and Prosthetics for Kong – Skull Island, Thor – Ragnarok, Aquaman, Legend of Sun and Moon. prosthetics fx, chracter fx, creature fx. Don’t only use your hands to sculpt! After laying down a tinfoil surface to pour on, I used cardstock, tape, and scissors to make borders for two out of three molds. All rights reserved. In order to take you through the process, I am going to be making a custom prosthetic for my Halloween costume: A set of brand scars with spooky symbols. Increasing the levels of Deadener will result in a tacky to sticky cured gel. (Red Carpet FX Limited). We have a world class team of artists including sculptors, painters and mould makers. When you have your workspace ready, take the plaster of paris and mix it with water according to the instructions on the packaging. Thanks for visiting and feel free to contact me for any project you have big or small. You can get a mixed pack of brushed from Walmart for less that $5. Millennium FX is Europe’s leading supplier of prosthetics, animatronics and special make-up FX for film, television, commercials, music promos, theatre and corporate projects. UK approved stockist RedCarpetFX. Only professional quality brands used by body painters worldwide. Based in Pragu, FX Crusaders studio is located in the heart of the Czech film industry. Starting as a costume designer and selling makeup in her mom's costume shop in NJ. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and can use it to make your next costume even more awesome! Latex dries quickly, so wipe off as much as possible with a paper towel & soak in the highest rubbing alcohol you have.