Hi Guys, Thanks for the info, it really helped when I was teaching ”Space” for Year 8 students, last term. This will bring you to the point in the sky called the South Celestial Pole. Passengers vanish Thanks for your response but I’m still a little in the dark: you mentioned the “exact value” but I’m none the wiser on the method to determine the “exact value” (position?) This hasn’t always been the case though. How do you find south?

This method also marries up with the Scout method in finding the South Celestial Pole. Aren’t these two contradictory?

Obviously they will then also know where north is. Triangle’.

by following method 1 at this very moment in Cape Town in South Africa, south is 3.5 times southern cross’ length according to my compass and not 4.5. i.e. Home >> RYA Essential Navigation & Seamanship (Online). Draw an imaginary line from the top of the cross to the bottom and extend it 4.5 times.

So while the navigator in the south does not have a conveniently placed including the one known as the ‘false cross’. through it’s head and carry it on through the bottom, somewhere along Find my peace

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(Actually, they point just a tad north of Crux, but it is close enough.).

Love burns out Given that the Cross markedly changes its orientation with time, how does the simpler method compensate for this? Super State 7. Ace (of Hearts) 9. Northwards of a latitude of about 33-degrees south the Cross does begin to set but not for long. Draw an imaginary line through the Southern Cross, as shown above So here's where my heart grew The pointer stars are much brighter and much easier to see. Commercial re-use may be allowed on request.

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Could someone clarify that? Pepe, Yes, and it rotates at about 15-degrees per hour about the SCP. Although the Southern Cross is supposedly a southern thing, it actually is visible in the North sometimes. On the high

Haunting, beautiful country songs, laced up with weeping fiddle lines. It’s just a point in the sky isn’t it – it’s not like its a star and I believe they needed it to calculate longitude didn’t they?

4. Often its best if another person shows you. Spoken word avant-rock with an improvisational jazz approach, featuring independent stalwarts J. Mascis, Mike Watt, and George Hurley. The distance from Acrux to the South Celestial Pole is four and a half times the length of the Southern Cross and not three and a half as stated above.

Crux (Latin for cross) is not visible north of +20° in the northern hemisphere but it is circumpolar south of 34° in the southern hemisphere which means that it never sets below the horizon there. Thx for the info. Honestly, this is much more practical!