I was sore all over my body, especially my neck and shoulders for a few days. One, when I was 10 and I heard someone whisper my name but no one was there.

I quietly answered, "Yes," as I continued to look over at the beautiful being of light that was sending enormous amounts of love and caring into the room. ~Ruth K, At 18, I was in a car wreck. I looked away and she was gone. She had said to me, "I heard the accident and was at the beach and came to help you." Again, both appeared to be the rather traditional Raphaelite types in their 20s, who stood about 12-feet tall, walking in a pair together. My grandma did not seem to notice him either.—Jimmy, My husband, six children, and my daughter-in-law lived in the same house. When he was performing this, I was told to bring forward my spirit guide. Our light turned green and I began to accelerate. She saw it and thought to send it to me. He was standing at the top of a flight of stairs which was very high and I could not get to him. ), I wondered if it was the Angel Michael, protecting my sister and me. She said she slept like baby. I ran inside to excitedly tell my mother. As I clenched my sheets, I felt a hand stroke my hair, and I immediately fell asleep and did not wake up till the next day. So my daughter-in-law, my granddaughter, and I stayed up watching movies. He was so very tall that he had to stoop so as not to bump his head on the ceiling. The angels looked like they were like babies, like Cupid with a diaper-like thing with no shorts. —Eduardo B. I’ve never told this story. I encounter my angels every moment and miracles still happen for those we pray for. We believe whoever opened the door was an angel who saved our lives. Being an avid angel believer, I opened my angel inspiration to a random page for guidance. An old boyfriend broke my heart by leaving one day without explanation. I wish I could draw it, but I'm not artistic. ", I replied, "I don't know where to board the plane! The next day, I was looking through one of my many handbags, and I put my hand in to grab some coins out of it. My mom told me to ask who my angel was. "As I prepare for sleep, please relax my body, send me thoughtsthat will quiet and calm my mind, and reassure my spirit that you and your angels are watching over me. It told me to send angels to three people: one I know well, one I do not know, and one who is misusing their position of power.

No one was in front or behind me, but I was intending to go through the intersection at the same time a speeding car ran a red in the opposite direction. I'm so lost and in such despair. ", We were both shocked to have seen two different things. My angel communicates with me by using digits on the clock. Not long ago, my father was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer and was not given much hope for survival past the Christmas season. When I lifted up my head I saw an angel step through the wall into the room. There was a thin beam of light that looked like a sword. She is trying to jail him through deceptive and untrue acts. It sounds strange, but I have the feeling I am not wrong.—Kat. I've been so close to death a few times. It woke me up and saved my life, my husband's life, and my dog.

I have put myself in situations that most people would not have survived. That night, I cried when I went to bed and in the middle of the night I woke up to see a woman in a black and orange dress sitting beside my bed. Around 3:30, I woke up and there was one bright light in my room. That is all I remember until someone called my name "Veronica, wake up."

I do, I surround myself and my daughter with the white light every day. A blonde lady walked over to me and said, "You are going to be okay, everything will be fine." I feel very sad about this every time I visit my family. Then I found out there is a way to communicate. Surrounding him were angels. God is amazing.—Tjohnson, Yesterday, I just asked no one really, "Please, just give me a sign on what to do (I want to relocate from Ireland to Spain but was not sure if I should go for it or not ).". I have four angels since birth. I saw a light from above and I collapsed then. Within 5 minutes, I had tears of gratitude for a dear friend who brought me to this healing meditation. I felt I was challenged by evil spirits. She was very scared thinking someone broke in. One of the signs that you have had an angel encounter is if another person with you feels the same way. She felt seeing me would bring comfort to him. Please send Archangel Gabriel into my dreamswith messages that will help me become healthier overall. We ran outside.
Then, the face of an angel, huge, looking right at me and me at him, right into each other's eyes. She got me to the terminal, and I was the last to board. I had a difficult two years full of losses, sadness, and major changes. The building was gutted and there appeared to be about two or three pacing back and forth. When I was younger, I was going through a lot of things that a young, 16-year-old girl shouldn't have to endure; You can try to imagine.

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