With the addition of dryers in homes, static cling becomes a key issue. An employee looks into cleaning water so moms in an African village could do laundry easier.

Our researchers combine our capabilities in highly absorbent non-wovens, like the ones used in Always and Pampers, with our cleaner solutions expertise, creating both the Swiffer Wet Jet and the Quick Clean category. channel in April 2017. 1920s - Due to the steady decline of candle demand after the invention of the light bulb, the company phases out candle manufacturing. Headquarters are in Cincinnati, Ohio. On August 1, 2014, P&G announced it was streamlining the company, dropping and selling off around 100 brands from its product portfolio in order to focus on the remaining 65 brands,[5] which produced 95% of the company's profits. The ads all make prominent use of the Ludovico Einaudi orchestral track "Divenire" and related such instrumentals. [84], In 2017, as part of the "My Black is Beautiful" platform, P&G released an advertisement called "The Talk". Procter & Gamble has been a major sponsor of the Summer Olympics since 2012. The company unsuccessfully sued Amway from 1995 to 2003 over rumors forwarded through a company voice-mail system in 1995. It has worked so far, as the stock reached all-time highs prior to the recent market sell-off. William Procter, a candle maker, and James Gamble, a soap maker, formed the company known as Procter & Gamble in 1837. In 2007, the company successfully sued individual Amway distributors for reviving and propagating the false rumors. [39], Procter & Gamble is a member of the U.S. Our researchers collaborate with Indiana University to develop the first stable fluoride toothpaste. P&G History A legacy of forward-thinking For over 180 years, we’ve challenged the norm and inspired the future—from the products we put on the shelf to the people we bring on our team. In 1933, Dreft is introduced as the first-ever household synthetic detergent, but research continues to develop a product that can clean consumer’s toughest stains. [75], Procter & Gamble has received criticism from animal advocacy group PETA for the practice of testing on animals. The company began to build factories in other locations in the United States, because the demand for products had outgrown the capacity of the Cincinnati facilities.
In April 2010, after the cancellation of As the World Turns, PGP announced they were phasing out soap opera production and expanding into more family-appropriate programming.[66][67].