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"I can see the common sense in that because lucerne is pretty violent in dairy cows and certainly in a horse that hasn't had any green feed for a while.". Trans-Tasman bubble: Australia releases new rules for Kiwi travellers, Bomb squad arrives in New Plymouth to investigate suspicious package found up tree, Election 2020 live: Jacinda Ardern says she'd quit leadership if Labour lost election, Worn fixed rope sent US climber to her death, Coroner rules, Squash or football? … Celebrate the life of this iconic Aussie race horse of the Depression era this week by: The National Cancer Institute has awarded a five-year, $19.8 million grant to Emory investigators to…, Keep Australia Beautiful announced the winners of the 2020 Australian Sustainable Communities Tidy Towns Awards…, Calling young creative thinkers!

In the mid-late noughties, the most detailed and recent forensic analysis concluded that Phar Lap ingested a lethal dose of arsenic hours before his death. Accounts from Phar Lap’s dedicated strapper, Tommy Woodcock, suggested the horse was accidentally poisoned during his usual preparation for races by being administered too much performance-enhancing “tonic” (aka ‘Fowler’s solution’) on tour. Egyptian's wild celebration after beating Kiwi Paul Coll stuns commentators, Covid-19: Charge proven of breaching lockdown order after incident with saliva at workplace, Police chased fleeing car through seven red lights before crash that killed hospital worker, Quiz: Afternoon trivia challenge: October 15, 2020, The Chase host Bradley Walsh says family health history makes him a ticking 'time bomb', Inside the air traffic control tower: Wellington's most unusual building on the market.

The Melbourne museum bought the 82-page handwritten tonic book at auction earlier this year for $38,000. This ‘tonic’ was allegedly common in the industry and included arsenic and strychnine – highly toxic over time and easily lethal – which may help explain a grossly-enlarged heart and the saying, “A heart the size of Phar Lap”. Phar Lap at Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne, c. 1930 (Alexander Turnbull Library, MNZ-1050-1/4-F) The champion racehorse Phar Lap was New Zealand-born and bred, but never raced in this country. On 5 April 1932, legendary Australian race horse Phar Lap (aka “Red Terror”, “Big Red” and “Bobby”) died in the US of arsenic poisoning. "It's going to hurt a lot of Australians' pride but the truth needs to be told.". Forensic testing in 2006 suggested Phar Lap was given a potentially deadly dose of arsenic about 35 hours before his death. Right up until his death in 1985 Woodcock maintained that the horse wasn't poisoned despite that being the popular theory. Death of Phar Lap 5 April 1932. This included the 1930 Melbourne Cup, two Cox Plates (1930-31), the AJC and Victoria Derbies (both in 1929) and the Agua Caliente Handicap in north-western Mexico (the then richest race on the North American continent). After inauspicious beginnings, Phar Lap bagged 37 wins from his 51 races over four years, including 32 wins from his last 35 starts. 3 minutes to read . For years argument has raged over who and what killed Phar Lap… "Our findings are underscored by the results of Phar Lap's autopsy, which are consistent with other published cases we have found of horses dying from arsenic poisoning.". Tokoroa's John Mason says Phar Lap's strapper Tommy Woodcock told him the real reason for the sudden death in 1932, during a US and Mexico campaign, but asked him to keep it a secret while he was still alive. Dick Mason was the training mentor of Phar Lap's trainer Harry Telford. Tokoroa's John Mason says Phar Lap's strapper Tommy Woodcock told him the real reason for the sudden death … Billy Eliot, Phar Lap's jockey at Agua Caliente had been devastated by Phar Lap's mysterious death, gave his saddle to George Woolf as a gesture of friendship. Well, unlike many news organisations, we have no sponsors, no corporate or ideological interests. They took the horse off the float and gave him a big feed of lucerne. "I heard a bit about those scientists coming up with the theory about bacteria – it's a load of rubbish. View in full. We don't put up a paywall – we believe in free access to information of public interest. "[Tommy] said he wanted to tell me a story that he didn't want to tell anyone else and he made it very clear to me that no Australian would know until after he was dead, so he meant what he said. He won the Melbourne Cup in 1930 just days after been shot at by criminals. He got a crook guts that night and died. "We have been able to … "They panicked so they came up with the story that the horse was poisoned, to cover their butts.". The mysterious circumstances surrounding Phar Lap's death fuelled many conspiracy theories, among them was that his death was a result of a plot by US gangsters to get rid him because he was too successful. Tallifer didn't settle well at the Epsom stables and Woodcock invited Mason to base the horse at his own stables. … Enduring Lightning III exercise brings together U.S., Israeli air forces, Reactivating our CBD vital to NSW economic recovery, NICU webcam program positively impacts parents, study finds, Assistant Secretary Marie Royce Travels to Albania, Updated G20 Action Plan to support global economy through Covid-19, Without oxygen, Earth’s early microbes relied on arsenic to sustain life, Pitt Innovation Awards $485,000 for Health Care Solutions, Revitalising CBD is crucial to economic recovery, A Sustainable Recovery for People and Planet, NCI awarding Emory $19.8 million to study cancer, autoimmune intersection w/ COVID-19, City takes out national Tidy Towns category award, Empathy exacerbates discussions about immigration. It will be on public display from today. Some speculated that the champion had succumbed to an illness of the digestive system abroad.

A tonic book from the 1930s detailing recipes used by Phar Lap's trainers to prepare him for races appeared to support the theory.

"Tommy was very sincere in what he told me and very positive that he wasn't going to tell anyone else. Liberals ‘too busy’ for ICAC – doing what? While previous tests on Phar Lap's hairs had found there was arsenic in his system, the taxidermy process could have accounted for this. "There was another possible way he died. Controversy surrounds Phar Lap’s death. Scientists say they have confirmed the theory that Australian racehorse legend Phar Lap was killed by arsenic poisoning. Tests, they say, prove that Phar Lap ingested a large dose of arsenic in the last 30 to 40 hours of his life. Mason, 64, said Woodcock told him the story in Melbourne in 1982, the year he took his galloper Tallifer to Australia to prepare for the Melbourne Cup. Mason said he was continually frustrated at experts' theories and was relieved to finally put the matter right. Woodcock became famous as Phar Lap's inseparable strapper, riding him in all his trackwork and often sleeping outside the horse's stable.