businessId: '3163171' , Even if you’ve never been there, Italy is one of those places that tugs at the heartstrings. We were living in New Mexico, a little bit north of Albuquerque, with a very nice house and a nice mortgage to go with it. Please check with your Customs Department first. All enjoy a mild winter climate. We have been here for 10 years now. Then it is quick and easy for you to compare prices and services offered in these quotes. For more detailed information, contact the vehicle registration office, Pubblico Registro Automobilistico (PRA). Why did you move to Italy? Subscribe to the Magazine Today and Save 35%. So no matter where you go in Italy, you get to taste something different. So what keeps us here? And I know a lot of people will agree with me on that. Log in to your Customer Panel to place your order. We love the culture and all the different things you can do, the traditions that continue one for centuries, the festivals, artwork, and everything else that entails. If you’re planning a move to Italy, there are some bureaucratic issues you’ll have to take care of first. But we’ll be there to keep you current and show you the best-value escapes—the safe, warm, welcoming, low-cost havens where you can live large for less than it would cost you to stay home. If you are traveling, moving or returning to Italy from the USA, there are certain requirements when it comes to bringing your car with you. Many of them fall in love with this country and decide to relocate here considering Italy is one of the easiest European countries to immigrate to. the visa application forms, based on the type of permit requested by the applicant; the passport which must have at least 3 months of validity at the time of the application; two passport-sized photographs which must not be older than 3 months; other specific documents depending on the reason for coming to Italy. Obviously, the farther south you go during the summertime, the hotter it will get…and the deep south can be very warm, indeed. But they just have this innate warmth to them that really make you a part of their family. The car must not have any liens on it. This section covers all you need to know about the process of moving to Italy. Our professional moving companies will contact you within a few days and will provide their quotes for your international move to or from Italy. The country has given us Michaelangelo, Raphael, and Botticelli. For many travelers going to Europe and taking their car, a deposit is paid up front. The people, the country OK, it’s given us the Mafia, too, but who wouldn’t want to move to Italy, Europe’s most intriguing and seductive country? For foreign citizens who want to live permanently in the United States. The Italian people are warm, welcoming, and friendly, and that is really what won us over and what keeps us here. Are there restrictions on intercity or interstate travel? Thanks for the help! Is a negative COVID-19 test (PCR and/or serology) required for entry? But we did start coming to Italy more and our trips started getting longer until we started making inroads in terms of what it would be like to live here. Compare the Best & Cheapest International Movers and Save NOW up to 70% on Moving to Italy ! We’re watching the children of our town grow up and go off to college. Moving with your pets: Animals from the USA and Canada may enter Italy if they have: Once in Italy, an Italian vet can issue an EU Pet Passport allowing travel within Europe. As for non-Italian citizens, it is possible to import one car duty-free, as long as they provide the Certificate of Origin as proof they have owned and used the car for a minimum of one year. }, Avoid all nonessential travel to Italy due to COVID-19, By U.S. Mission Italy | 15 September, 2020 | Topics: Alert, Messages for U.S. Citizens, News | Tags: Coronavirus, Covid-19, Health, Health Alert, quarantine, travel restriction, virus. Decades of Hollywood films have created an image of the country that's hard to break. Your car must be paid in full. But my husband, it took him a little bit longer. So the foods that we have here as traditional fare in our region of Basilicata is different to what you’re going to have in Rome, Tuscany, or in other regions. They have a saying that “hospitality is sacred” and they really mean it. They really want you to experience the best that the region has. container: '.search_form' , experienceKey: 'state_department_config' , So that’s something that has really touched us. There are so many things about Italy that we really love. If you are an Italian citizen, you can import your car from the USA customs duty-free if you have owned the car more than one (1) year. experienceVersion: 'PRODUCTION' , It wasn’t just one revelation that brought us here. Italy conjures up images of incredible food and tempting wines. Evans November 20, 2013. Sign in to access your subscriptions and subscriber-only content. There are many appealing reasons that inspire expats to move to Italy. Italy uses both public and private health service systems. It’s advisable to purchase Marine Insurance to have extra protection in case of any damage or potential loss. We weren’t unhappy in our lives in America. After the 6 months is up, import duty will be charged. In Apulia, the heel of Italy, even the sea temperature averages 82 F in August. If a person has lived in USA for 1 or more years, most countries will allow that person to bring their car back duty free! This is especially important if Italy is not your destination country, yet you chose it as the country where the car will be imported from the USA. A Permit to Stay for Italy Are U.S. citizens required to quarantine. Foreign nationals must apply for a Permit to Stay (Permesso di Soggiono) after they arrive in Italy. } You will be contacted by our professional moving companies within a short time. As with every country, there are pros and cons to living in Italy. It was a series of things. Firstly, it’s considered extremely cost-efficient, being more affordable than container shipping. So that’s why we moved to Italy and why we stay here. It’s just fair to say that Italy is practically rammed with special bits. Regardless of the reliability of your chosen shipping company, obtaining Marine Insurance gives you peace of mind. In the meantime, we were also making our first trips to Italy. Which brings me to the food, of course. Learn more about quality higher-education opportunities in the U.S. that you will not find anywhere else in the world. An experienced and reliable shipping agent can simplify customs-free importation of household effects. We just get to participate in the life here. Also, it’s very reliable because it provides a fixed schedule for departures and arrivals. And that one year turned into two and then we went back to the U.S. for one year. If you are moving to Italy and can afford to live there without working, you may want to apply for an elective residence visa.