From a melody point of view, again Last Fair Deal Gone Down boasts excellent harmonies, both produced through Nystrom and Norrman's guitar work and Renkse's awe-inspiring harmonies. Katatonia is another band who has transcended from one genre of music into an entirely different one, and as with many other bands who go through this maturing process, it's been for the better. And listen to it. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. The songs are filled with airy Mellotron sounds floating above the central instruments, most of which are a combination of delicate acoustic guitars, prominent bass, and contrasts between slow and heavy choruses. Buy this now. Clean Today - A ok doomy song. The vocals on their previous 2 efforts, Tonight's Decision and Discouraged Ones, seemed a bit more forced... he, er - wailed a bit more, if you will... almost whined.

The vocals on "Clean Today" are particularly striking, brimming with confidence, whilst the echoic dual guitar harmonies constantly push the piece in unexpected directions. . .75% 11. It just envelopes and embodies this entire album... the atmosphere is unbelievable. Prime members enjoy Free Two-Day Shipping, Free Same-Day or One-Day Delivery to select areas, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading, and more. Erm... everything on this album is full of hopelessness and despair. It would be safe to say this is the album where Katatonia found their true self. Vocalist Jonas Renkse provides his finest vocal performance, delivering the depressing lyrics convincingly and making the listener believe. The album is named after a song by legendary delta blues singer Robert Johnson. The last track, on the other hand, "Don't Tell a Soul", not only closes the album on a depressing note, but it also signals similarities to Katatonia's earlier, bleak material, highlighting Renkse's lyrical standouts: ("When you have no one, no one can hurt you"). Tape, SkullMaster - "VoidWalkers" LP // Free Download MP, — progressive rock ultimate website, — the ultimate jazz music online community, — the ultimate metal music online community. Renkse sounds a lot like Opeth's Mikael Akerfeldt here, which should be no surprise considering Akerfeldt produced his vocals on the previous two albums. Last Fair Deal Gone Down, an Album by Katatonia. Every note sounds like he's singing at his mom's funeral or something; lonely, anxious, sad, painful. I mostly enjoy that weird negative feel they give in this one. Entwining evocative, moody vocals and superb muscianship, Katatonia have raised the bar, not only for themselves, but for everyone else. But it builds up more to the climaxes, and more intelligently, with breath-taking emotional guitar work. Site links: Home | Register | Metal Music Forum | Metal Music Guides, About MMA: FAQ | About us | Contact us | Submit your music for review | Advertising informations, Sites in the MAC network: — progressive rock ultimate website | — the ultimate jazz music online community | — the ultimate metal music online community. . The first song "Dispossession" is actually the embodiment of all things Katatonia, blending their acoustics with ever-present drum beats, shimmering Mellotron effects, and a heavy guitar runout. nothing to interesting here. Last Fair Deal Gone Down is the fifth full-length album by Katatonia, released in 2001 by Peaceville Records. The feeling of madness and being lost in a cold world. . And the vocals throughout this entire album seem effortless, but are more hollow and thoroughly depressing than anything else I've heard previously or since. Report this review (#2418702) Buy KATATONIA music online with PA partners; Show all KATATONIA MP3/Stream; Go to KATATONIA page for videos, full discography with ratings, reviews and much more; Go to Last Fair Deal Gone Down page for more details, where to buy and ratings/reviews; Search the Forum for KATATONIA related discussions .95% 6. Even though it's a riduculously easy musical formula, Katatonia have really made this sound their own. I can't say I've listened to ANY CD in my collection for anywhere close to that. Released 8 May 2001 on Peaceville (catalog no. LFDGD is leaps and bounds beyond anything the band has recorded thus far. . I however found that weird bass effect was cool but thats about it. Last Fair Deal Gone Down is a metal related music album recording by KATATONIA released in 2001 on CD, LP/Vinyl and/or cassette.

.80%2. Essential to all fans who are curious about the current Katatonia sound. Katatonia have bared their souls on this excellent album. I enjoyed it's weird sound. Perhaps if they moved more in this dirction on their next album, I may actually like them. Mostly Opeth as far as I can tell. The album was released through Peaceville Records in May 2001. This page works best with JavaScript. somewhat weird sounding but I guess it's ok. . Added: July 19th 2006Reviewer: Murat BatmazScore: Related Link: Katatonia websiteHits: 5494Language: english[ Printer Friendly Page ][ Send to a Friend ], For information regarding where to send CD promos and advertising, please see our. But all this gloom and doom is wrapped up in songs that I could dare to call "catchy". Watch Queue Queue. This is one of those albums that has always been at the top of my list since it came out two or three years ago. it is a sort of boring track. .90%9. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages that interest you. CD/DVD Review: KATATONIA Last Fair Day Gone Night. . Well, let me start off by saying that this is Katatonia's best effort to date. I've listened to this album all the way through more than eighty times so far. Katatonia appeals to fans of Opeth, though I find them totally different. Guitarist Nystrom opts for a wider scope of songwriting, unafraid to delve into all kinds of genres, from rock to pop to progressive. Fast, FREE delivery, video streaming, music, and much more. The record itself is great quality. Watch Queue Queue

Nice and heavy. Though I'll let you listen to the album and find out for yourself. Of these two, "Sulfur" ranks among the most powerful statements Katatonia have made, with mournful vocals, doubled acoustic guitars, and a slightly Scandinavian folk feel that would normally be attributed to bands like Opeth and Ulver. If you're any kind of a Katatonia fan, or emotional rock fan, get this album. This is always carefully supplemented by a rhythm-conscious drum and bass hybrid. Perhaps this is one of the hits?! . . .70%7. I've listened to this album to the point where the 'catchiness' has completely worn off and I'm left with nothing but a total fascination that any handful of people could create something so deeply emotive with such stunning musicianship. Not sure if theres a way to describe it better. If your looking for a album with a drowning affect with the music with odd radiohead singer, then this might be your best album ever. Posted by Jeremy Ulrey on October 16, 2014 at 3:47 pm . Which I guess makes it prog rock. then he sings soft and then they keep going. In these days of rap/metal's chugging riffs, it's almost a joy to hear an actual ... guitar solo (gasp!). . This is what music is all about. . .

You can play it straight through and enjoy every minute of it.

Not really as bad as some on here, but it adds to the problem. Chrome - I sort of like this one. Dispossession - Sort of a heavy start. CDVILE 89 / 611012; CD). It's a grey song with Nystrom's melodies peeking through foggy guitar themes. But don't let that stop form scoring this. Once again, though, I find it hard to pin down exactly why, but I listen to them frequently, and though their music is relatively simple and even repetitive, I never tire of it. Upon its release, Last Fair Deal Gone Down was Katatonia's thickest and most layered work to date. Perhaps reflecting changes in their lives as well. Genres: Alternative Rock. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Vocalist Jonas Renkse provides his finest vocal performance, delivering the depressing lyrics convincingly and making the listener believe.

80% 10. The album was originally intended for a Steven Wilson signature production; however, Renkse and Nystrom later decided to handle the work on their own with stunning results. Clearly I don't like this album all that well. On the more straightforward yet catchier front, "I Transpire" is basically Katatonia-style pop music, accentuated by quiet verse and really heavy chorus contrasts, with the vocals being amazing once again.