55 min: Boudewijn Zenden and Marc Overmars are warming up for Holland, who are presumably thinking about how they can stretch Argentina, who are relatively susceptible to pace. What an effort. 72 min: There goes Numan again. Argentina take advantages of the gaps in Holland’s defence again on the counter. Faced by Stam, he cut inside, before swiftly jinking outside. Now Davids lets Chamot know that Holland are no longer granting Argentina the time they want, a firm but fair tackle robbing him of possession. “Though I’m taking a fair bit of stick in my Orange shirt from some beefy looking Argeninian gents around me, one of whom assures me that “When I wear my lucky shirt, my friend, Argentina has never lost.” I’ll take his word for it.”, 59 min: Now Sensini has a yellow card. BUT WHAT AN IDIOT. 90 min+2: Jose Chamot comes off and Argentina throw on the veteran striker, Abel Balbo. He found Ortega with a pass inside and with Davids nowhere to be sen for once, the slouching playmaker lets fly with a brilliant right-footer from 25 yards that screams past Van der Sar and cracks on to the left post . It has rarely come off today; they’re enjoying success mainly down the flanks and should be careful not to get bogged down in the middle, which is where Argentina are strongest. Copyright 2020. thesoccerworldcups.com - All rights reserved. DENNIS BERGKAMP IS WHY I’M SHOUTING. It all started with an Argentina attack, Lopez’s cross from the left drifting over the unmarked Batistuta in the middle. Once more, he outstrips the cumbersome Stam - £10m well spent by Manchester United there, it seems - but his cutback is a waste, miscued straight to Van der Sar with Batistuta hanging back just outside the six-yard box. 74 min: Numan crosses towards the penalty area but Bergkamp had to backtrack to reach it and he was off balance as he nodded tamely wide left. With that wand of a left foot, he hit a magnificent 70-yard diagonal pass to Bergkamp, who had advanced into the right side of Argentina‘s area. Assessing his options, he looked to release the ball, before spotting Bergkamp making a run in the corner of his eye. A long, raking pass from Stam located him deep on the right. First published on Wed 15 Apr 2020 18.45 BST. Ronald De Boer throws it square to Bergkamp, who drops the shoulder to lose his marker, before letting the ball run across his body and loop a volley down the throat of Roa from the edge of the area. Bergkamp might have other ideas, though. The heat will do this to a match. What do you think?”. 62 min: Kluivert lopes inside from the right, casually evading a string of tackles before trying to poke the ball through to Bergkamp, the ball getting stuck in the thicket of Argentina defenders. Holland 2-1 Argentina (Bergkamp, 90 min) 4.26pm EDT 16:26 OH MY WORD! He crashes into the area but with Kluivert waiting for the cutback he takes too long to decide what to do and Sensini cuts the pass out when it’s eventually played. 60 min: Throw-in to Holland on the right. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Holland 2 vs. Argentina 1 in the 1998 World Cup Information about the 1/4 Finals game played in the 1998 Soccer World Cup between the National Teams of Argentina and Holland with details about goals, starters and reserves, substitutions, cards and more. The ball sits up invitingly for him to strike, but he can’t control. 87 min: It’s all Argentina now. Holland 1-1 Argentina (Lopez, 17 min), GOAL! 90 min+1: There will be four minutes of stoppage time. 40 min: A lull. The 1998 FIFA World Cup was the 16th FIFA World Cup, a quadrennial football tournament contested by the senior men's teams of the national associations affiliated to FIFA(the International Federation of Association Football). Holland 1-0 Argentina (Kluivert, 12 min), Take a look back at our other nostalgic live reports, Retro MBM coverage of a classic match from France ‘98. Each team was required to submit a squad of 22 players – numbered sequentially from 1 to 22 – from whom they would select their teams for each match at the t… Pineda takes advantage of the acres of space afforded him, before sliding a pass behind the dozing Davids and through to Zanetti on the right side of Holland’s area. The referee took his sweet time making his mind up about that one. He looks to head it on to Batistuta, but the execution is wrong. Right in front of the referee, who immediately shows him red. With Holland’s defence completely exposed, a superb first touch with his right foot takes him into the area and past Frank De Boer. A penny for David Beckham’s thoughts right now. 88 min: What on earth is Ortega playing at here? WHAT A PLAYER. It was straight at the goalkeeper but not for the first time he decided to beat it away rather than hold on to it. Ortega dinks a ball through to Veron on the left side of the area, and Frank De Boer carelessly concedes a corner with a loose touch. Play is yet to restart. The tournament was played in France from 10 June to 12 July 1998 and featured 32 teams divided into eight groups of four. 53 min: Holland are winning a succession of corners and this time Veron has to deflect Cocu’s left-wing cross behind. Kluivert admonishes Numan. Argentina can’t get out. But it’s Holland on the attack, the man of the moment, Bergkamp, releasing Davids down the right. That’s very lenient by the referee and kind of inconsistent too. Questions or suggestions? ARTHUR NUMAN IS SENT OFF FOR A SECOND BOOKING AND HOLLAND ARE DOWN TO TEN MEN! ARIEL ORTEGA, THOUGH. They’ll fancy their chances of going all the way now. Advantage was played, but once Simeone got to the loose ball, Numan chopped him down, his victim flying through the air and writhing in agony. The greatest ever in a World Cup? The 1998 FIFA World Cup knockout stage covers the games from the second round through to the final at the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France. Numan is distraught but has finally gone down the tunnel. OH MY WORD! Sensini is enthusiastically applauding the decision. It hasn’t got going yet, although there’s plenty of attacking intent, with both Holland full-backs getting forward encouragingly. Holland 2-1 Argentina (Bergkamp, 90 min). He reached it and put the ball into the middle, where Batistuta jumps above De Boer to send a weak header wide of the left post. Faced by Reiziger, Lopez produced a sweet toe-poked cross with his left, which was destined for the head of Batistuta until De Boer raced back, stretching every muscle in his neck to get his head to the ball and nod in back to Van der Sar. He made a complete fool of Simeone, leaving him befuddled and red-faced on the turf with a sumptuous turn, before digging out a delightful cross, which Kluivert headed goalwards, Roa acrobatically leaping backwards to turn his effort over the bar. He was unable to work space for the shot so offloaded it to Batistuta instead. He actually should have scored that. 67 min: Cocu has a go from 30 yards out. Lopez whips it in and Cocu rises imperiously above Batistuta to head clear. In the great pantheon of moronic red cards, this one’s right up there. Positions: GK: Goalkeeper / DF: Defender / MF: Midfielder / FW: Forward 76 min: Yes, just like against England, Simeone is at the centre of controversy again. Van der Sar then ran over to remonstrate with the Argentinian for diving. With his back to goal, he then passed the ball left to Simeone, who smashed a first-time shot with his right foot that whistled just wide. He’s got plenty of time and space but, with Batistuta and Lopez waiting in the middle, the cross is dreadful. This was all down to excellent foraging from the marauding Zanetti, who darted in from the right flank, bothering several Holland defenders on the edge of the area. Like Batistuta before him, Kluivert can’t believe it. “You keep mentioning how Stam is having a shocker,” Philip West says. Many believe Ronaldo will come to define this World Cup. To be fair, Holland can have few complaints about this and it’s no surprise that it’s come from another Argentina counterattack. 4.34pm EDT 16:34 Full-time: Holland 2-1 Argentina; 4.29pm EDT 16:29 OH MY WORD II! The ball runs loose for Kluivert and again he looks for Bergkamp, whose weak shot on the turn on the edge of the area is blocked by Ayala. Worryingly for United, Stam is being made to look one-paced here. “I‘m down in the shaded corner of the Stade Vélodrome having drawn the tastiest tie of the quarter-finals with my pre-bought ticket allocation,” Justin Kavanagh says. This is astonishing and impressive from Holland in equal measure. Teams played one game against each other, with the possibility of extra time and penalties if a winner could not be determined after 90 minutes. On the edge of Holland’s area, Simeone falls ludicrously under a non-existent challenge from De Boer. 68 min: Change for Argentina: Mauricio Pineda replaces Matias Almeyda. A potentially game-saving intervention. 45 more minutes and we may know who will face Brazil in the semi-finals of the World Cup. The ball falls to Chamot on the edge of the six-yard box, but he shanks a dismal clearance straight to Kluivert on the edge of the area.