Americans are among the lucky world travelers, permitted to enter and travel throughout the whole territory of the Schengen Zone (Including the UK) without having to obtain an EU visa.

The Aufenthaltserlaubnis is normally issued in conjunction with an entry visa and valid for 3 months. Once the application is lodged in the appointment it takes 8-26 weeks as the application is sent to the local Foreigners Authority (Ausländerbehörde) where the employee will reside in Germany. How Long Can a US Citizen Stay in Europe Without a Visa? 5. Cost: None. Whether this is your first or second time traveling from the US to Europe, some extra tips for the trip are always handy. Applications for a visa can be found on most German embassy sites. ● Evidence of sufficient resources (e.g. They will need the documents listed below as well as a completed application form. In many European cities, especially in those located in Southern Europe as Ljubljana in Slovenia, Naples and Turin in Italy, rain is always forecasted. Do US Citizens Need an EU visa to enter Europe?

Schengen visas cannot be extended or re-written for any other purpose. The one you need depends on which country you’re from. 2. If you are planning to use credit cards while traveling Europe as a tourist from US, you should know that there are places in the old continent that only accept cash.
A visa or a residence permit for the purpose of obtaining qualified employment is issued for a maximum of four years.

While US citizens generally won’t require a visa for trips up to three months long, it is recommended to check with the consulate or embassy before going.

● Evidence of place to stay and purpose of visit (such as a invitation from a business partner in Germany), Register at Local Residence Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt).
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. For those based in the US, the German Missions in the United States offers more information at Travel Insurance in Europe will cover you any medical emergencies as illnesses or accidents, that occur throughout your trip. ● Proof of travel medical insurance with a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros (US $50,000) that is valid for all Schengen countries, After most of the European countries have abolished the borders between each other, and require no visa from a lot of nations, their capitals are among the top tourism destinations around the globe. Step 1. Applications for a visa can also be found on most German embassy sites. ● Company’s impact on employment A few services less, the absence of most of which you will not even notice, will be better for your pocket.