The worst thing Giygas did in battle was Psi Rockin Omega, during the first stage, which only lasts one or sometimes two turns, and all you need to do after that was heal your weaker party members. So im leaving this before it gets any worse. Why would Pokey lie? This is what must be struck to be damaged.

More powerful than the likes of Ness, who had become one with the universe), Speed: Superhuman travel speed with Speed of Light combat speed and reactions (Vastly superior to Ninten and his friends), Massively FTL+ travel speed with his spaceship (Could travel to the end of the universe in a timeframe of 2 years) | Immobile (Is sealed within The Devils Machine) | Omnipresent, Lifting Strength: Unknown | Unknown | Unknown, Striking Strength: Unknown | Unknown | Unknown, Durability: At least Small City level+ (Completely unharmed by anything that was thrown at him by the main cast, only defeated by his own guilt and love for his adoptive mother) | Unknown (Cannot be harmed in any way due to his shield, which automatically reflects attacks and cannot be removed) | Universe level+ (No force in the universe, physical or psychic, had any effect on Giygas), Stamina: Very high | Likely Limitless | Limitless, Range: Planetary (His mere presence when approaching Earth caused global chaos) | Universal+.
Weaknesses: Maria's Lullaby | Cannot do much while inside the Devils Machine. Giygas is immune to death by any means, including reducing his HP to zero. And I remember Giygas speaking to Ness during the final battle. Occasionally Pokey will tear into you, dealing a good deal of damage, but other than that his only attack is a stinky gas that lowers your offense.

Now THAT would be intense and hard, since you can't do anything while you are sleeping. What's there to say, really? Giygas will keep using his incomprehensible attacks on you, while all you can do is keep the group alive with your Lifeup and Healing abilities. Have Jeff use any remaining Multi Bottle Rockets on Pokey, and the Heavy bazooka if you don't have any. Giygas(in Japanese:ギーグGyiyg), also called Giegue (in Japanese: ギーグ, Gīgu), is one of the main antagonists in the Mother/EarthBound series, serving as the main antagonist of both Mother/EarthBound Beginnings and Mother 2/EarthBound. It's a difficult choice, and actually, neither of them really scare me that much, but in my opinion, Lucas's Nightmare is slightly more frightening than Giygas. Giygas is not a fetus, and he is not innocent. This is the final battle of the game, and naturally it's one of epic proportions. His influence has even shown to work on those that are good and harmless, such as Ness and Geldegarde Monotoli), All previous abilities, Passive Attack Reflection (Can reflect both Physical and Psychic attacks back at the enemy, said shield cannot be removed by normal means and also wasn't affected by the Shield Killer), Immortality (Type 1), Illusion Creation with the Mani Mani Statue (Created an illusory realm called Moonside) Energy Manipulation (Capable of using Ness's signature PK Rockin ability), Self-Sustenance (Type 1, 2, and 3), All previous abilities to a far greater extent, Enhanced Energy Manipulation (His attacks cannot be comprehended by human minds), Acausality (Type 1; Would have destroyed the entire universe from the past, thousand of years before he was born, and would have still lived, changed the past by deploying his army and twisting space around, but his present form did not suffer any change), Abstract Existence (Type 1, possesses no physical self and is the universal embodiment made of pure evil), Higher-Dimensional Existence (Transformed into an Abstract mass of energy that can affect time in its entirety), Passive Void Manipulation (In the future, he turned everything into eternal darkness, is capable of absorbing and erasing Paula's call for help, would have fully erased the kids if not stopped), Non-Corporeal (Completely destroyed his physical body to become evil energy), Omnipresence, Time Manipulation (Can attack through time, is able to destroy both Time and Space), Space Manipulation (Can create a dimension of darkness were he fought the kids), Re-Animation (Can reanimate Zombies and Ghost), Status Effect Inducement (Can cause Paralysis, Uncontrollable crying, and Confusion), Ice Manipulation (Can completely freeze an enemy), Electricity Manipulation (Can use lighting capable of breaking both physical and psychic shields), Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Ice, Fire, Light, Shield Negation, Electricity Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement (Sleep, Paralysis, Confusion, Blindness, and Uncontrollable crying), Statistics Reduction, Power Nullification, and Power Absorption (Unaffected by everything that is thrown at him by both the main cast from both Mother 1 and 2), Attack Potency: At least Small City level+, possibly higher (Easily defeated Ninten even when he was holding back, comparing Ninten's power to that "of a mere ant") | Unknown (The Devils Machine main purpose was to conceal most of Giygas’s tremendous power and to keep a bit of his mind intact, so it’s unknown whether or not he is comparable to Post Magicant Ness as who hit who during the battle is rather vague. He attacked out of pure malice, rage, and hatred. It is truly one of the darkest final boss fights in gaming history. The scene may also support some of Giygas' dialogue throughout the fight, like, "It hurts," or, "I feel good." The first is the "eyeball" form that he starts in. Bruh you know i dont know everything on this server, it showed Giygas as same tier, Joker is unable to grasp the true form of Giygas' attack FRA.

Giygas's battle theme is definitely more frightening than the Mother 3 unused boss theme (especially Giygas's "Fatally Wounded" theme), but the unused boss's appearance is more frightening. Giygas takes three forms. Early previews of EarthBound reveal that Giygas was originally going to be named "The Geek" in English. The worst thing Giygas did in battle was Psi Rockin Omega, during the first stage, which only lasts one or sometimes two turns, and all you need to do after that was heal your weaker party members. In this form, Giygas is invincible -- his shield will deflect your attacks. I also heard he has a PK attack that can put everyone to sleep. Tier: At least Low 7-B, possibly higher | Unknown | Low 2-C, Age: Around 80 or 90 years old | Inapplicable, Classification: Psychic alien, Adoptive son of Maria and George | Universal Cosmic Destroyer, Entity "Made" of Evil, Almighty Idiot, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Genius Intelligence, Psychic Abilities (Stated that humans' Psychic abilities are like insects compared to that of his species), Energy Manipulation (Attacks with an inexplicable energy), Telepathy (Telepathically communicates with Ninten and his friends), Telekinesis, Shielding, Reality Warping, Object Animation (Can give life to inanimate objects, such as cars or tools, as well as corpses), Passive Empathic Manipulation, Morality Manipulation, Madness Manipulation (Type 2), Mind Control, and Mind Manipulation (Of Planetary potency; Passively controls those with immoral or evil hearts or minds. Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness...…I’m h…a…p…p…y… …friends…. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.