Tie together key points scattered throughout the piece. Use this simple device during any social event and you’re virtually guaranteed to.

With bullet points the writer is saying, “I’m making this easy for you to pay attention here.” And you reward the reader with easy comprehension. Let’s invent a make-believe product to show you how fascinations work.

If you are not familiar with ALT codes and want to know more about it, please read the article about How to Use ALT Codes to insert symbols. Find out more in this Bitesize primary KS2 English guide. No one on the Internet likes the visual assault of a huge chunk of text. Like magic, bullets speed up the reader’s pace. Bullets provide structure buffered by white space, inviting the reader to dig in. Bullets provide structure buffered by white space, inviting the reader to dig in. Using the correct example above, you would read: “Adopting a dog will make you popular with dog lovers.”. Place a shower cap on your dog’s head. Bullet points are a great way to round up a mishmash of concepts and rope them together in one corral. Shakespeare’s famous advice, “Brevity is the soul of wit,” challenges all who use words. The easier it is to understand the point of your writing, the more likely it will elicit a response. Gently bathe your dog. Okay, so this “personality enhancer” sounds too good to be true (or suspiciously like your favorite party beverage), but the points are compelling. Capitalization is a style choice—with sentence fragments, you can choose to start each with either upper- or lower-case letters. When using bullet points, make sure that they have a consistent style. It turns out that making your articles easy to read through the strategic use of bullet points requires a little know-how. Who doesn’t want to become an entertaining, attractive, well-known dancing machine? Your points should be consistent, either all sentences or all fragments. Unless you’re following a specific style guide (such as the AP Stylebook or The Chicago Manual of Style), use the style that looks best to you, but remember to keep it parallel and keep it consistent, because those things are non-negotiable. .

But the incorrect example makes no sense as a sentence, so you know you need to edit: “Adopting a dog will make you you’ll be famous for having the most adorable pet on your block.”. They also help the reader scan a piece, and absorb and remember important points. Take a look, Behind the Scenes Hard Truths About Being a Writer Who Publishes a Lot Online, People Stop Reading Your Work When They Subconsciously Think You’re an Ad, How I Became an Amazon Bestseller in Less than A Week, 9 Platforms to Find Your Next Writing Job As a Freelancer, How to Add More Depth in Your Storytelling, The 6 Rules to Writing Headlines That Get Reads, Writing Multiple Articles at Once is Easier Than You Think. Bullet points can be used on some essential points in your writings to highlight and draw the readers attention to those specific points. The detail in the background exists, but the scaffold is what you remember.

How do you keep it short and simple? Bullet or bullet point symbol is a typographical symbol or glyph used to introduce items in a list. Dot and Arrow symbol is the most commonly used as a bullet point symbol. The Write Up delivers writing advice, encouragement, and challenges right to your inbox each month. According to Copyblogger, “the essence of a great bullet is brevity + promise.” By using bullets, you’re demonstrating that you know how to be concise and cut to the chase. If it’s a fragment, forget the colon and jump straight into the list. This means that: start each bullet point with either a verb or a noun – a verb is more action oriented and is usually preferred use the same tense for each . 3 Bullet points often create confusion for writers. This is not only good for you as a writer and idea-generator; it’s great for your reader. The next time you write a piece of content, shoot for clarity. Usage of Bullets? Make your bullet points symmetrical . Each bullet point in a series should be approximately the same length.

If the text introducing your list is a complete sentence, it should end with a colon. Each one should start with the same part of speech (subject, verb, adjective, adverb). There’s arguably no more useful organizational tool than the venerable bullet point. You could also use a numbered list if your introductory text promises a certain number of items, like the three best reasons to bathe your dog.

Place the mouse cursor where you want to insert the Bullet symbol. Here are a few guidelines.

When should you use numbers instead of bullets? The Writing Cooperative is a community of people helping each other write better. If your action items need to take place in a specific order, use a numbered list rather than bullets. What’s a content creator to do? If the text of your bullet point is a complete sentence (or multiple sentences), use capital letters and punctuation.

If your points are not structured as proper sentences, you don’t need to end with punctuation.

. Bullet points provide a similar structural effect. In fact, according to Tony Haile’s 2014 article on Time.com, 55 percent of readers will spend fifteen seconds or less actively on a page reading the article that took you many times longer to write and carefully proofread. Release both the keys and the Bullet mark will show up. Use them to contain a series within your subject, while ensuring your reader sees what she needs to know. 1