In Brazil, I had a car.


Even though globalization has to lead to the extinction of numerous cultures, most Americans and Brazilians still practice their traditional cultures. Hoje eu vou ter um bate-papo com minha grande amiga, Flavinha. km > Per capita: 43.09 per 1,000 people Ranked 46th.

Over one million students are enrolled in long-distance programs in Brazil. "Bate-papo" about the differences between Brazil and the US.

Some Brazilian universities will only accept Enem results, while others will give students the option of submitting both. The Enem, or National High School Exam, is a standardized test used by all federal universities, but it is also accepted by some state-level and private institutions. Aqui o trânsito também é terrível, mas pelo menos você tem a opção de usar meio de transporte público. In 2019, over 5 million people signed up to take the exam, but almost 9 million applied in 2014, making the Enem one of the biggest national examinations in the world. I'm sure my students will love it! Até a próxima! These tests can vary in the number of questions, sections, and even the time of year in which they are applied. 

Nonetheless, this measure has been met with hostility by some students who argue that they need their internship wages to cover their living costs.


Brazil - more diplomacy, more peaceful. Give me a hug! Flavinha: I am from the Northeast, more specifically from Salvador, which is in Bahia, a warm region with many beautiful beaches, lots of nature. Nonetheless, some Brazilian institutions, such as the São Paulo State University (UNESP), provide dorms for low-income students who can’t afford to rent apartments. In Brazil, most labor rights were originally conceived so workers could have decent living conditions and weren't exploited by their companies, no matter where they worked. Flavinha: I think that what I like the most is that I can come and go very easily. Map references: South America: North America Hi everyone, this is Virginia. Students with high Enem scores have higher chances of being selected, meaning that the system guarantees placements for the most talented candidates. 

The Brazilian curriculum is not all pre-determined, though. So, I think that not having a basis of the language was what made my adaptation at the beginning more difficult. In turn, Brazil is the 24th most popular destination for American students. In the Lewis Model, Brazilians and people from the United States occupy opposite ends of a spectrum.

The government also offers programs for international students looking to study in Brazil. Most courses allow students to pick an area of specialization after their second year. Tipo, eu tinha que usar carro todos os dias pra ir pra faculdade e voltar da faculdade. Então, isso é algo no meu estilo de vida que eu gosto muito hoje em dia.

American universities tend to have well-developed models for financial aid. Dies geschieht in Ihren Datenschutzeinstellungen. Muito obrigada por gravar esse vídeo comigo. Virginia: Semana que vem? Virginia: Especially if you're talking about Bahian food. 43% more than United States 30.16 per 1,000 people Ranked 56th. In United States, that number is 4.4% as of 2017. Como o tempo passa rápido! The same as United States 200 nautical mile Ranked 41st. Pra onde você vai? Gente! Nevertheless, both are equally accepted by most American universities, be they public or private. BRAZILIAN AND UNITED STATES SLAVERY COMPARED A General View.


In the U.S., university entry is decided by the famous standardized tests. And I think this is very important and it is very good. Virginia: Nossa! The differences are just as numerous when looking at the working conditions provided in each country.

Many Brazilian universities require students to intern for a certain number of hours every year.

Get free lessons delivered right to your inbox. Flavinha: Olha. So, I've made this mistake several times. Sie können Ihre Einstellungen jederzeit ändern. Virginia: É verdade. These essays are supposed to give the university a deeper sense of the student’s personality and motivation. They get colder as you turn the faucet and sometimes,... 2. And then to my family, to Salvador, to meet... for my family to meet my little girl too, and for me to enjoy the beaches, to drink coconut water, açaí ... Virginia: Ah! The Brazilian Federation is based on the indissoluble association of three autonomous political entities: the States, the … Today I'm going to have a chat with my good friend, Flavinha. Because here, at least in New York, which is where I live, it's very common for you to have access by subway to anywhere you want to go. So, that's it for today.

In addition to the ACT and SAT, some schools might also require SAT Subject tests, which test students on more specific topics.

And have a good trip to Brazil! Teaching is also very popular among women, while men focus on civil engineering, according to data from the Ministry of Education.

I was too afraid to speak, to communicate. O povo brasileiro tem uma coisa de agregar, de unir, de trazer pra perto de si que é diferente. This represents more than 15 percent of overall undergraduate enrollments. Aqui em Nova Iorque, não. United States has a GDP per capita of $59,800 as of 2017, while in Brazil, the GDP per capita is $15,600 as of 2017. be 2.9 times more likely to be unemployed In … Daten über Ihr Gerät und Ihre Internetverbindung, darunter Ihre IP-Adresse, Such- und Browsingaktivität bei Ihrer Nutzung der Websites und Apps von Verizon Media.

Other than paying for tuition, living away from home can be very expensive. Answer Save. Flavinha: The food! Brazil–United States relations are the bilateral relations between Brazil and the United States.Relations have a long history. Today most people think that because Brazil is in America, they have the same culture. Interestingly, 86.6 percent of students undertaking long-distance courses are enrolled in private institutions and it can be 60 percent cheaper than regular courses, according to the official Long-Distance Education (EAD) website. E claro, da minha família. *Read original version in Portuguese at the end. Like, I had to use a car every day to go to college and get back from college. BeachBum. E isso é muito diferente do Brasil. Virginia: Next week? So, this is something in my lifestyle that I really like nowadays. Virginia: Hoje eu queria conversar um pouco sobre as diferenças culturais entre o Brasil e os Estados Unidos. Brazil - city of artists and mass media: Rio de Janeiro. De onde você é no Brasil?

While American universities are known for their liberal arts programs, which allow students to take several subjects outside their majors, Brazilian universities are more focused when it comes to subject choices. 

Then I took a course, I already understand better, I'm already developing in this. Minha favorita. Enjoy it for us! Transcription of the Video *Read original version in Portuguese at the end. In fact, Brazil is among the top ten countries that sends students to the U.S. for tuition. In Brazil, most labor rights were originally conceived so workers could have decent living conditions and weren't exploited by … Flavinha: Então, eu vim pra cá porque eu queria um novo estilo de vida. And this is very different from Brazil. The USA has a Democratic Republic with 3 branches of government that are SUPPOSE to all be equal. Whenever I cook something, some Brazilian food at home, it gives me a good feeling. In other words, Brazilian students can pursue law or medicine directly after high school. 

Many Brazilian young people, if they have the means, opt to pursue their studies abroad. Eu já tinha estudado muito inglês, em casa, no Brasil, mas eu demorei pelo menos um ano pra ter coragem de atender o telefone, por exemplo.

Brazil’s application process is quite different. Dá um abraço! Flavinha, and what do you like the most, here in the United States? She is a Brazilian journalism and political science student at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. I am jealous. Thus, candidates are asked to tell personal stories and explain why they are passionate about a specific subject or institution.

Our content is protected by copyright. Guys, the food in Salvador of Bahia is incredible.

Online classes are increasingly popular in the U.S. If students can’t afford to pay for said accommodation, universities will normally cover some of those costs through a financial aid package. 

In the US, business meetings tend to be focused on what topic. Não ter uma base da língua inglesa foi difícil porque quando você vem pra outro país, tudo você precisa da língua.

At the end of the day, while students in America can apply to universities with an “undecided” major and pick their subject area mid-way through college, Brazilian students must choose their area of study during the application process. 

Virginia: Eu sabia que ia envolver comida! Brazilian people have a way of bringing people together, uniting, bringing closer to themselves that is different. In turn, students must have a maximum family income of 3.5 times the minimum wage to qualify for a partial scholarship. 

But nowadays I feel adapted. If seeking a full scholarship, candidates must prove that their gross family income is at most 1.5 times the minimum wage. Eu demorei um pouco pra me acostumar a simplesmente dar um aperto de mão quando eu conheço a pessoa pela primeira vez. Want to republish The Brazilian Report? You give a kiss and a hug.

Brazil has been following a similar trend. Flavinha: Da comida! Eu tive essa experiência quando eu me mudei pra cá, porque no Brasil, quando a gente conhece uma pessoa pela primeira vez, o que você faz? É a melhor. Bye-bye! Land area > Sq.

Another major difference between Brazil and the U.S. is that while Americans must first earn an undergraduate degree before applying to schools of Medicine and Law, the same courses are offered as undergraduate degrees in Brazil. All students are tested in natural sciences, human sciences, languages, math, and writing. Showers. No Brasil, eu tinha carro. Guys, New York is so cold today! Gente, Nova Iorque está um frio hoje! Flavinha: Well, I came here because I wanted a new lifestyle. On the other hand, Brazilian students only take courses that correspond to their major. Students are expected to either take the Enem or school-specific entrance exams. Carro, já me aprisiona. I think I have an idea of your answer. Nonetheless, there are some crucial differences between both countries’ undergraduate education systems. Food.

While universities may have their own financial aid and scholarship packages, the government offers a series of projects seeking to make education more accessible to low-income candidates. A car, it holds me back. The time management style that is used in the US is a sequential approach.

The results are then weighted differently, according to the student’s chosen course.

Virginia: And what do you want to do in Brazil the most, when get there now? In your opinion, what are the biggest cultural differences or those that you felt the most when you moved here? Did you have any difficulty adjusting when you moved here? Moreover, the U.S. is notorious for its massive federal student loan debts, reaching a total sum of USD 864 billion.