Third, it can continue to promote its Super Visa that enables parents and grandparents to visit Canada multiple times for a period of up to 10 years. The PGP accounts for only six per cent of all newcomers to Canada because its economic benefits are not as strong as Canada’s other social immigration streams. We expect all 2020 applications will be submitted in early 2021. When the window does open, the federal government needs to give sponsors a reasonable amount of time to submit an electronic or paper-based application. The federal government has released entry requirements for extended family members and people travelling to Canada for compassionate reasons. We can expect another revamped version of the PGP in 2020.

January 1, 2020 update: The Canadian government has decided to postpone the parents and grandparents program. Details and opening date for the 2020 parents and grandparents program will be posted on this site when details are confirmed. Here is how the program works: Step 1: If you’re eligible to become a sponsor, you must submit an interest to sponsor form. How to improve Canada’s Parents and Grandparents immigration program in 2020, A Human Capital Pilot could help overcome the challenges presented by the PGP in recent years, Students and families allowed to travel to Canada. To avoid overburdening the system, the federal government can increase efforts to attract genuine candidates by requiring that they pay the sponsorship fee in full upfront.

To register for a webinar, please send e-mail to with the subject "2020 PGP Webinar" The Super Visa has been criticized for requiring these individuals to obtain private health insurance, which may be unaffordable for some families, but it at least provides families with certainty that they will be able to reunite with their loved ones.

First, dropping the expression of interest approach in favour of a return to an application-based model would solve a key headache for the government. Previous federal government research has indicated the PGP has less public support than other immigration streams. We must also take into consideration the PGP’s social benefit: strong families are the bedrock of Canadian society. Important Dates.

There is, however, an economic justification for welcoming parents and grandparents. By 2011, this had produced a backlog of about 165,000 PGP applications. Express Entry: Canada invites 4,500 to apply for permanent residence, Canada has now issued 82,850 ITAs this year, Canada is now sending work and study permits by mail.

This is likely due to the perception the PGP has little economic benefit and is a burden to the health care system. So, for the 2020 process, we’ll accept your application if you include your 2019 and 2018 NOAs along with it, and submit your 2020 NOA as soon as it’s available.

Interest to sponsor form. Contact us about your application. Trending. Canada reveals how extended family, compassionate travellers can apply for travel exemptions. They provide child care, which enables their families to save money and earn more income by working extra hours.

In 2017, the federal government introduced a lottery system for the PGP.

Study and work permit applicants who have received their approval letters no longer have to go to the border to activate their permits. Your email address will not be published. Canada to re-open parents and grandparents immigration program October 13.

However, given the challenges Canada has had managing the PGP and the recent federal election in October, it remains unknown as to when the PGP intake window will open in 2020 and what the application process will look like. Moreover, encouraging greater use of the Super Visa would take the pressure off the PGP. June 9, 2020). The introduction of the Express Entry system in January 2015 is a case in point. But this pilot could at least expedite processing for individuals who meet its criteria and would reduce the number of applications submitted to the PGP, which would help to improve PGP processing times.

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The federal government has recognized the limitations of the different approaches that it has tried to process PGP applications.

Of course, the filing date is the day your initial sponsorship application package reaches the immigration office (e.g.

The federal government could launch an Economic Class pilot whereby parents and grandparents who are younger in age and have higher levels of education, work experience, and English or French proficiency would get first preference. How do I fix a mistake in my interest to sponsor form? January has typically marked the opening of the window for immigrants to express their interest in sponsoring family under Canada’s Parents and Grandparents Program, or PGP. Does the change in age of dependants affect sponsorship undertakings for dependent children? The government set a date and time when the PGP Interest to Sponsor form would be made available online and accepted the first 27,000 submissions. Fourth, the federal government can explore other innovative approaches to managing the PGP.

invites 417 PNP candidates to apply for a provincial nomination. Despite the criticism of its efforts to better handle the PGP in recent years, a key reason why Canada’s immigration system is so successful is the federal government’s willingness to find new solutions to longstanding challenges, such as managing backlogs. returned to a first-come, first-served approach. Canada is keeping its PGP intake target stable at about 21,000 people under its 2019-2021 Immigration Levels Plan. Interested sponsors had 30 days to submit an expression of interest and the government then randomly selected candidates and invited them to apply to sponsor family.

This provides an opportunity to think of innovative solutions that could help improve the PGP. It lets citizens and permanent residents of Canada sponsor their parents and grandparents to come to Canada. This helps us understand why data from the 2016 Census show that immigrant families tend to have nearly identical homeownership rates (69 per cent) and household incomes as Canadian-born families (CAD 85,000 annually). Learn more. The only certainty is it will remain difficult for Canada to manage a program with some 100,000 people vying for just 21,000 spots.

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Given that some 100,000 people tried to access a request to sponsor form in January 2019, vying for just 21,000 PGP spots, pleasing everyone is an impossible task and the PGP process has inevitably become a source of widespread frustration.