{{ 'GLOBAL|TermsLink' | contentphrase}} {{ 'GLOBAL|PrivacyLink' | contentphrase}} {{ 'GLOBAL|AccessibilityLink' | contentphrase }} It proposes to build between 30 and 36 homes offsite for homeless households of various sizes in an effort to cut the borough’s shortfall in temporary accommodation. But due to te distress caused to the … CSC Agent (Group), Bromley Borough Council Mawrth 24, 2014. Ready-made factory houses are one option Bromley Council is preparing to use as it plans 1,000 homes in three years to combat the capital’s homelessness crisis.. Cysylltwch â hwn Report. Please note this email address does not contact the service listed above so do not use it if you are looking for help or advice. Bromley Council did agree to accept its fault in not providing temporary housing and offered £70 as compensatin. In the event that the Council did not have the same level of pressure, the properties could be allocated to clients on the waiting list or as private rented accommodation to those in housing need. If you work for LB Bromley - Housing Options & Assessments and would like to tell us about any of this information that needs updating please email the Homeless Link Information team. Dear Bromley Borough Council, ... Is the council using one or more outside agency to assist in provisioning of housing for homeless, if so how many and identify. In order to discharge the Council’s duty, homeless cases would be given priority. If the council had continued to work with Bromley Homeless Shelter, instead of cutting their budget, their teams could have been doing that work, in doing so making the budget work for Bromley. If you are in Bromley and currently homeless, visit the Council offices in the Civic Centre from 8:30 to 17:30 weekdays where you will complete the housing options assessment form and meet a member of the housing team. Outside office hours, phone the emergency homelessness service 0300 303 8671 If you are at risk of becoming homeless, visit the Council Offices as soon as … The scheme was initially floated in May last year, when a report by the council’s housing director noted that Bromley had only 42% of its required temporary accommodation. The report by the council in June stated that Bromley has about 3,000 households on the housing waiting list, with roughly 1,700 currently in costly temporary accommodation, such as hotels. The Annual Report and Accounts for the financial year 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020, approved at … More than 10,000 people in Croydon, Bromley and Sutton are homeless, a new report from housing charity Shelter shows. Easily assembled pop-up … Yours faithfully, Jaspal Sidhu. The AGM approved the merger with LATCH, and all at the Bromley Homeless Shelter look forward to joining forces as we work to help homeless people in Bromley.