"See That My Grave Is Kept Clean" was so successful that it was re-recorded and re-released in 1928. Although Leadbelly was the older bluesman of both, it really is generally acknowledged that Jefferson was the better guitarist.

A new version of Last.fm is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. Jefferson taught Walker the basics of blues guitar, in exchange for Walker's occasional services as a guide. Within the years since, Jefferson’s music have been included in countless music artists including Bob Dylan, John Hammond, Jr., and Kelly Joe Phelps, to mention just a couple. Until Jefferson’s achievements, really the only effective blues recordings had been by ladies performers, including Bessie Smith and Ida Cox, who generally sang songs compiled by others and along with a music group.

Patrick Sky parodied Jefferson as "Blind Funk Earwax" playing "Child Molesting Blues" on his 1973 album Songs That Made America Famous Cheech and Chong parodied Jefferson as "Blind Melon Chitlin'" on their self-titled 1971 album Cheech and Chong (album), their 1985 album Get Out of My Room, and in a stage routine that can be seen in their 1983 movie Still Smokin'. Pianist and labelmate Will Ezell escorted Jefferson's body back to Wortham, TX, where Blind Lemon Jefferson was laid to rest, purportedly on New Year's Day, 1930. Blind Lemon Jefferson (Lemon Henry Jefferson, Coutchman, Texas, October 26, 1894?

When he returned to Paramount a few months later, "Matchbox Blues" had already become such a hit that Paramount re-recorded and released two new versions, with the producer Arthur Laibly. | 

Uncharacteristically, Jefferson's first two recordings from this session were gospel songs ("I Want to be like Jesus in my Heart" and "All I Want is that Pure Religion"), released under the name Deacon L. J. Bates. Roll T623 1636, p. 3A. By 1900, the family was farming southeast of Streetman, Texas. Jefferson began playing the guitar in his early teens and soon after he began performing at picnics and parties. [24] For many years, rumors circulated that a jealous lover had poisoned his coffee, but a more likely explanation is that he died of a heart attack after becoming disoriented during a snowstorm. Blind Lemon Jefferson Biography by Joslyn Layne + Follow Artist. He was born blind. Looks like we don't have salary information. This is finally remedied in 1967 whenever a metallic Tx Historic Marker was positioned on the approximate place. In his 1983 book Tolbert's Texas, Frank X. Tolbert claims that he was killed while being robbed of a large royalty payment, by a guide escorting him to Chicago Union Station to catch a train home to Texas. This was finally remedied in 1967 when a metal Texas Historical Marker was placed on the approximate spot. "He was not influential on some younger blues singers of his generation, as they did not seek to imitate him as they did other commercially successful artists. Bates. There are various stories about how he died--one is that he froze to death in a Chicago snowstorm, another is that a sudden heart attack killed him. From your past due teens in to the early ’20s, Blind Lemon Jefferson journeyed and performed his passionate make of blues, striking (at the minimum) the Mississippi Delta and Memphis locations, although it is probable that his moves took him further. But his spirit has followed live through the years, and has left its imprint on people like Leadbelly, Lightnin´ Hopkins, Albert King, B.B. [9], Jefferson's performances were distinctive because of his high-pitched voice and the originality of his guitar playing. The beginning of the recording careerUnlike many artists who were "discovered" and recorded in their normal venues, in December 1925 or January 1926, he was taken to Chicago, Illinois, to record his first tracks. In 1927, when Williams moved to OKeh Records, he took Jefferson with him, and OKeh quickly recorded and released Jefferson's "Matchbox Blues" backed with "Black Snake Moan," which was to be his only OKeh recording, probably because of contractual obligations with Paramount. Artist descriptions on Last.fm are editable by everyone. Blind from birth, he learned how to play the guitar in order to scrape together money to make a living. Blind Lemon Jefferson, byname of Lemon Jefferson, (born September 1893, Couchman, Texas, U.S.—died c. December 1929, Chicago, Illinois), American country blues singer, guitarist, and songwriter, one of the earliest black folk -blues singers to achieve popular success. He recorded about 100 tracks between 1926 and 1929; 43 records were issued, all but one for Paramount Records.

frankfob2@yahoo.com, Other Works Jefferson is known to have done an unusual amount of traveling for the time in the American South, which is reflected in the difficulty of placing his music in a single regional category.

With Jefferson came a blues artist who was solo, self-accompanied, and performing a great deal of original material in addition to the more familiar repertoire of folk standards and shouts. In the early 1910s, Jefferson began traveling frequently to Dallas, where he met and played with the blues musician Lead Belly. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Profane Omen is a Finnish metallic music group that produced its recording debut in 2006 …, Your email address will not be published. [10] Later blues and rock and roll musicians, however, did attempt to imitate both his songs and his musical style. However, this period was brief, since the last session recorded by this exceptional musician date back to the year 1929. He was the author of many tunes covered by later musicians, including the classic "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean." This is surprising considering his decidedly noncommercial sound; his high, eerie voice (often described as having a "lonesome" sound), the desperate (and sometimes suggestive) nature of his lyrics, and his often-complex guitar work all combined into a particularly raw and hard-hitting blues. His musical affects included not merely the singing from the natural cotton pickers and regional guitar players but additionally the guitarists one of the area’s Mexican employees who often integrated flamenco patterns within their playing. Lemon Henry ‘Blind Lemon’ Jefferson was born inSeptember 24, 1893, in Texas in the United States of America. Therefore, the new day was placed on the gravestone.

Sorry! [9], Jefferson was born blind, near Coutchman, Texas. The results had been two gospel music: “I wish to END UP LIKE Jesus in my own Center” and “All I’D LIKE IS THE FACT THAT Pure Religious beliefs,” both which had been released beneath the pseudonym Deacon L.J. [citation needed], Jefferson's "old-fashioned" sound and confident musicianship made it easy to market him. One of the earliest and most influential rural blues singers to record. [16] By the early 1920s, Jefferson was earning enough money for his musical performances to support a wife and, possibly, a child. The 2007 film Black Snake Moan refers to the title of Jefferson's song "Black Snake Moan" In the 2003 movie Masked and Anonymous, Bobby Cupid (Luke Wilson) gives his friend Jack Fate (Bob Dylan) Blind Lemon's original guitar, on which he claims Matchbox Blues was first recorded. [19], Jefferson did what few had ever done before him – he became a successful solo guitarist and male vocalist in the commercial recording world. Two months later, Jefferson began recording blues 78s under his own name, but that initial session wasn't the last time Jefferson recorded under a pseudonym. This led to a second recording session in March 1926. See that my grave is kept clean." Enligt vissa källor skall han inte ha varit helt blind. His skillful guitar playing and impressive vocal range opened the door for a new generation of male solo blues performers, such as Furry Lewis, Charlie Patton, and Barbecue Bob. World War I Draft Registration records, Dallas County, Texas. — M.: 2013. References to Blind Lemon JeffersonKing Solomon Hill recorded the song "My Buddy Blind Papa Lemon" as a tribute to Jefferson in 1932. Read Full Biography. Hopkins was born in Centerville, Texas, and as a child was immersed in the sounds of the blues.He developed a deep appreciation for this music at the age of 8, when he met Blind Lemon Jefferson at a church picnic in Buffalo, Texas. Blind Lemon Jefferson (Lemon Henry Jefferson, Coutchman, Texas, October 26, 1894? – December 1929) was an influential blues singer and guitarist from Texas. Jefferson began playing the guitar in his early teens, and soon after he began performing at picnics and parties. Paramount's studio techniques and quality were poor, and the recordings were released with poor sound quality. A second recording session was held in March 1926.

Dixon, R. M. W.; Godrich, J. StoriesAs his fame grew, so did the tales regarding his life, often personally involving the teller. Dark brown for the Paramount and Herwin brands, respectively. Lemon Henry "Blind Lemon" Jefferson (September 24, 1893 – December 19, 1929)[8] was an American blues and gospel singer-songwriter and musician. One of the earliest and most influential rural blues singers to record. The two men even played together for a short while, sometime before Leadbelly's first prison sentence. admin [20] Unlike many artists who were "discovered" and recorded in their normal venues, Jefferson was taken to Chicago in December 1925 or January 1926 to record his first tracks. Their popularity led to the release of the other two songs from that session, "Got the Blues" and "Long Lonesome Blues", which became a runaway success, with sales in six figures. It was also discovered during the preparation of the headstone that there is no support for the date widely believed to be that of Jefferson's birth -- July 1897 (which even appeared on the original grave marker) -- while the census documents in the State Archives listed Lemon Jefferson's birth to be in September of 1893. [9] Disputes regarding the date of his birth derive from contradictory census records and draft registration records. One of the earliest and most influential rural blues singers to record. Irrespective, the important bluesman was still in his thirties when he passed away, and no loss of life certificate was released, so the time of his transferring is only regarded as toward the finish of Dec. Pianist and labelmate Will Ezell escorted Jefferson’s body back again to Wortham, TX, where Blind Lemon Jefferson was laid to rest, purportedly on New Year’s Time, 1930. This is amazing taking into consideration his decidedly non-commercial audio; his high, eerie tone of voice (often referred to as possessing a “lonesome” appear), the eager (and occasionally suggestive) character of his lyrics, and his often-complex acoustic guitar work all mixed into a especially fresh and hard-hitting blues. Govenar, Alan; Brakefield, Jay F. (1998). He was most often found playing in the Deep Ellum area of Dallas where he eventually met another bluesman who would one day be famous, Leadbelly. Looks like we don't have quotes information. Required fields are marked *. All user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.