Lazarus plays the guitar, before getting a chain from his shed. Lazarus is dressing Raes wounds and begins to talk about his crops. Opening credits start, Lazarus is flirting with a woman at the bar, Rae arrives at the party and begins talking about Ronnie, Playing at the party. Rae tells Lazarus that she can't cook.

Gill offers her a ride. No one has posted yet. Balm In Gilead Traditional Performed by S. Epatha Merkerson. Black Snake Moan Traditional, arranged by Jason Freeman Performed by Samuel L. Jackson and Jason Freeman. 4 liked songs • 51k views • composed by Scott Bomar, Black Snake Moan (2006) Official Trailer #1 - Samuel L. Jackson Movie HD, Otha Turner and The Rising Star Fife and Drum Band, Samuel L. Jackson, Kenny Brown and Cedric Burnside, Samuel L. Jackson, Kenny Brown, Luther Dickinson and Cedric Burnside, Christina Ricci and Alvin Youngblood Hart. Agh!

Lazarus is playing the guitar in his house while Rae is having sex on the football field with some guy, Rae is walking home after the party. Rae and Ronnie are having sex, Rae is walking along the road in her mini-skirt. Rae wakes up and tells him to turn off his music. Rae leaves to talk to Gill. Black Snake Moan, the 2007 movie that stars Samuel L. Jackson as a God-fearing, bent broken soul and tortured former bluesman, with Christina Ricci playing the town tramp he feels he has to redeem by any means necessary, is a wildly provocative look at spiritual and cultural mores -- and is sure to set some folks on edge. There is a storm outside. Lazarus tugs the chain connected to Rae back into the house. Samuel L. Jackson - Stack O Lee (Black Snake Moan) - YouTube Alice Mae Written by R.L. Gill makes Rae angry, so she leaves and takes pills and drinks. Rae, Lazarus, R.L and the kid are eating dinner, Lazarus plays the guitar for Rae. Would you like to be the first? Record is playing in the background, while Lazarus is working outside. All 41 songs from the Black Snake Moan (2006) movie soundtrack, with scene descriptions. Burnside and Kenny Brown Performed by Samuel L. Jackson, Kenny Brown and Cedric Burnside. Listen to and download the music, ost, score, list of songs and trailers. Movie opens. Rae is drinking with a friend to stop her coughing.

My Baby Got Drunk Written and Performed by Paul "Wine" Jones Courtesy of Fat Possum Records . Lazarus plays this record and comments on Raes outfit.