Yes, we are a provincial regulator. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. On the contrary, If I lost my job and goes on CERB/EI but my parents are fine, I would not get the credit, even though the property is under my own name. companies that have more than 10 General Service accounts. No relief for us. From the form, if you are approved for EI or have ROE or termination then you are good to go. The fund allows eligible small businesses (those that have needed to close) to have up to three months of electricity charges waived. This new fund is in addition to the other services we offer: The COVID-19 Customer Assistance Program gives you the option to defer payments or arrange a flexible payment plan to help you pay your bills. Look through all of our COVID-19 related information on our website. You must be a business account holder and have had your account before March 31, 2020. Trying to help my parents apply, but it says that your documentation must clearly specify that you have been impcted by Covid-19. The last month has been challenging. Careers | Sitemap | Privacy Statement | Freedom of Information | Conduct Complaints. Stay safe and fed first and foremost. What do people who are getting the CERB use as evidence for this? We don’t have all the answers, but we will do our best to share information from reliable sources, put it in ways that are easy to digest and understand, provide referrals and help you navigate this situation. A message from Chris O'Riley, President & CEO of BC Hydro. my friend is in the same situation as you - he's a 'normal guy' landlord.. not rich at all, just lucky enough to have bought a house 10 years ago - he has a basement suite that he rents for cheap to a nice family he's known for years, and they split the hydro. Today we’re sharing some more information from BC Hydro on their COVID-19 Relief Fund. a copy of a notice to customers that you’re temporarily closed, a photo of the business being closed, etc.). So my tenants who have been laid off... still have to pay the bill, because it's in my name and I'm not laid off. Your email address will not be published. Make sure your spouse is listed on your account already. How would you show proof of EI as a supporting document?

I called BC Hydro today and they said to add 0's before the account number to hit the 7 digit requirement. Explore our website A message from Chris O'Riley, President & CEO of BC Hydro.

The Relief Fund delivers support to you now, when you need it most. My dad is old and senile, has no savings, and literally lives off of that senior monthly check thing, which mostly goes into buying meds and food. Get the latest news & tips from BC Hydro directly to your inbox.

I've not heard a word from bchydro though so no idea if it worked. Where do we fit in? You may be eligible for one of BC Hydro’s other COVID-19 relief programs. public and private schools (including post-secondary). I took a screenshot of my bank statement with the deposit. We are accepting the following documents as proof, as long as they clearly indicate that COVID-19 is the reason you've stopped working: Approval for Employment Insurance Approval for the B.C. About Consumer Protection BC:  We are responsible for regulating specific industries and certain consumer transactions in British Columbia. stratas (commercial and residential common use areas). I'm helping out my father in law (self employed) to fill it out and I can't find anything to attach as proof. Wondering the same thing. We applied April 9 and haven't heard back yet. Please note that our COVID-19 Relief Fund program closed June 30, 2020 and applications are no longer accepted. Now that job has evaporated but she does not qualify for relief because she didn't make enough money last year. So whenever I log into BC hydro the account holder's name still my mom, with my dad listed as spouse, and me as administrator. Your business information (i.e.

To support our customers, we provided the COVID-19 Relief Fund. You will not have to pay this back. I noticed that they've updated the application since to avoid this requirement, so I would recommend reapplying if you didn't initially receive a confirmation email. If you’re on EI or CERB nothing on your online account has a reference number. This blog post focuses on BC Hydro’s Relief Fund for small businesses. COVID-19 has meant many changes for us as individuals, and for our communities. The rules are too strict. outdoor/street lighting and telecom equipment. Our house's bill under my dad's name, but my brother and I have been paying all the bills at home for the past 3 years. Visit our website for more information on how we can help you. Other support options: You may be eligible for one of BC Hydro’s other COVID-19 relief programs. This is my question too.