During episode one, you’ll be hosting an gala to raise awareness of Harvey Dent’s campaign to become mayor of Gotham.

This is occasionally referred to every so often in future episodes, though it won’t make a major difference on how things play out. As soon as you step outside Wayne Enterprises, Lucius will be waiting for you. Whereas everyone in the Arkham games tends to act like any Batman fan would expect. Quick thanks to REX for the solution. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for some of Penguin’s thugs to find the pair of you and you’ll battle it out in the bar. To either impale Falcone and get revenge on him for being a general ass, or to restrain and leave him for the GCPD to take care of. Alternatively, you can tell her that you shouldn’t be doing this and friendzone her for good. Vigilante Joker is the good ending (In my opinion) because it opens up the path of friendship for later seaons, kinda like a joker & batman are on the same team. Available on PC, Consoles, and Mobile. After a few exchanges, he’ll ask you to give him some more morphine. Keeping Lucius working at Wayne Enterprises means you’ll be without any extra gadgets and anything that needs fixing will be left broken. When you reach Harvey, the cops will already be on the scene and Harvey will have taken care of this on his own with his bare hands. If you choose to break up the fight, you’ll still end up getting out of Arkham Asylum. If you side with the law, he’ll snap, and become a version of the psycho criminal Joker any Batman fan would recognize. When you’ve taken care of them and made it outside, you’ll be given the option to kiss Selena before she goes. This version of Bruce Wayne might not have known how evil this maniac could be—but I did, and I disliked and distrusted John Doe immediately. Clearly losing his mind, you decide that you need to go and visit him, but as which of your alter egos will you choose? © 2020 Condé Nast. If you choose to hurt Falcone, Bruce will drive the syringe into Falcone’s neck. Enter the fractured psyche of Bruce Wayne! If you choose to go to Wayne Enterprises, you’ll have Lucius helping you from the inside of the system all the way. At this moment in time, it remains unclear just exactly how sleeping with Selena or friendzoning her will impact future episodes. Once you’ve beaten Falcone down and with the police on their way up, you’ll have two options. Your job just got a lot harder in episode five. Harvey will have no input in the conversation and things play out the same way. It’s on fire, and Dent is responsible. He's so deeply wounded that you want to comfort him—but when had nurturing Bruce Wayne’s relationship with John Doe done anything but made John’s life worse? Troy Edward Baker (born April 1, 1976) is an American voice actor and musician. For example, in trying to turn Joker’s story upside down, the writers tapped into his vulnerabilities while not losing sight of his rage. However, he’ll be your eyes and ears inside Wayne Enterprises and can keep an eye on the lab while you’re gone.

after you save waller from vigilante joker, once batman wakes up in the ambulance with waller and gordan smoking, just pick "you owe me now" option while talking to waller and she will free catwoman.

If you refuse to betray John’s trust, he’ll side with Batman over Harley Quinn, and remake himself in his hero’s image: a kind of vigilante superhero who calls himself... the Joker. After a brief personal conversation, Selena opens up and starts to confess her true feelings. You’ll meet up with Selena a little later on in episode two to talk things through and to generally ask for her help in taking down whatever threat is coming Gotham’s way. ‘Dexter’ Returning to Showtime for 10-Episode Limited Series, ‘Batman: Death in the Family’ Review: The Interactive Film Is WB Animation’s Most Ambitious in…, ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ Trailer: Ron Howard Explores the Hardships of White People in Appalachia, Margot Robbie & Christina Hodson’s Screenwriting Lab Is Off to a Huge Start; Here’s Why. The grim-dark Joker is a bit played out. Two-Face will be born and will be mentally unstable in future episodes. Probably not the best option to take if you want to see Bruce regain his rightful position as CEO. As villainous/anti-heroic main antagonist of the second season. If you continue to keep kissing Selena, you’ll head off into the bedroom together and wake up the next day in your underpants. At no point in my playthrough (and I should note that because my choices guided the outcome of the story, other players may have a different experience) did I hate Joker or think he was “the enemy.” Instead, the way he’s depicted is deeply sympathetic. Once you reach him, he’ll ask for your help with two different situations. The Joker we meet here is not “Joker” but plays as an origin story. Both Harvey and Selena are under threat and it’ll be down to pick which to save. We’ll continue to update this when we know with choices in the upcoming episodes, as well as how current choices affect future events. Lol, i noticed that on my second run, in which i used all ,,harder choices" to see what will happen. They’ll tell Bruce that they need to search the car and that they don’t need a warrant due to Harvey’s recent ruling that they have the power to search anything they want whenever they want. A news report shows Harvey Dent making an announcement that the entirety of the Wayne Estate must be relinquished and handed over to the state within 24 hours so that it can be used for the good of the people of Gotham. Enter the fractured psyche of Bruce Wayne and discover the powerful and far-reaching consequences of your choices as the Dark Knight. If you choose to hire him to work from Wayne Manor, Batman will continue to get new tech and any repairs necessary to his current equipment should he need it. As John, now sprung from Arkham, approaches Bruce with an opportunity to get the drop on Gotham City’s biggest villains, an intriguing hypothetical wormed its way into my brain: If this guy wasn’t already the Joker, maybe he didn’t need to become the Joker. After offering your thanks, you’ll disappear off. I was pretty sure I was done with the Joker. Sure, this makes him less “chaotic”, but he’s still unpredictable and every time he does something bad, it’s far more dramatic that this is a person who quite possibly can’t be saved no matter what Batman does. Of course, if you’d rather not trust the journalist and decline, that’s completely up to you. But the series saved its cleverest and most surprising re-imagining for the Joker.

You can either hire him to work from Wayne Manor, or you can keep him on the inside at Wayne Enterprises.

After Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning, arguably definitive take on the Batman villain in The Dark Knight—and Jared Leto’s confused, forgettable take in Suicide Squad—it seemed obvious that it was time to push the Joker aside and give one of the literally dozens of underutilized villains in Batman’s rogues gallery some time in the spotlight. Telltale’s Batman is essentially the video game equivalent of a Choose Your Own Adventure novel—heavy on story and light on gameplay, with a branching plot based on the tough choices each player is forced to make along the way.

Apparently, Thomas Wayne did everything for his son to give him the best possible life. Video Game: Batman: The Telltale Series Franchise: Batman. As he grabs the knife from Joker, you have two options. Following the scandal surrounding your parents, Harvey contacts you toward the end of episode two to let you know he’s been advised that he should bad mouth you in public and generally not associate himself with Bruce anymore. She’ll appreciate you trusting her with such evidence. If you go after Harvey first, you’ll get there to take care of the goon chasing after him. Anthony Ingruber is the voice of Joker in Batman: The Telltale Series. Harvey Dent is on his way to his acceptance speech but is being followed by a car, and Montoya has gone off on her own to follow a lead on the chemicals at the construction site. If you agree to this, Joker will remember this and smile a bit maniacally. The Enemy Within makes the case, rather convincingly, that John Doe—a troubled young man whose therapy was interrupted by a chance encounter with Bruce Wayne—might have been just fine if he hadn’t become so enamored with such an extreme individual. Of course, such a request when he’s essentially turning his back on you is a little cheeky, so you’re given the option to either accept or turn down his request. If you choose to continue funding his campaign, Harvey will be eternally grateful. However, this will mean you’re without an ally on the inside. Heading to Wayne Manor will see you going toe to toe with Dent. Keeping Lucius at Wayne Enterprises may help Bruce regain his position toward the end. You’ll continue your conversation with Selena and toast to better days ahead. Since 1957, GQ has inspired men to look sharper and live smarter with its unparalleled coverage of style, culture, and beyond. In doing so, he’ll tell you a little more about your mother as you show the kindness that he relates her with.