Argentina is the top tourist destination in South America and Buenos Aires is the continent’s most visited city. First Baby Registered with Two Fathers in Argentina, 20 Crazy Things that Only Happen in Argentina, Maybe Graciela Sees It From Heaven, This Huge Guitar Made of Trees, NOP World Culture Score Index Examines Global Media Habits…Uncovers Who’s Tuning In, Logging On, and Hitting the Books, Lionel Messi’s Hometown Bans Parents from Naming Their Children ‘Messi, Eva Peron’s Corpse Continues to Haunt Argentina, Pope Francis Reveals He Used to Work as a Bar Bouncer, The name “Argentina” comes from the Latin word for. Accessed: April 30, 2015. In 2007 the wife of the outgoing president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, was elected as the first female president of Argentina.

The Longest Bird Penis Ever.” ABC Science Online. Northeast Argentina features rainforests and Iguazu Falls. The Diaguita group was a trading culture conquered by the Incas around 1480. * Grundfakta Etiopien har uppdaterats (200726) 8Countries of the World. 28. 20Pohl, Kathleen. 38. Accessed: April 30, 2015. Argentina has occupied Antarctica since 1904, and has occupied the territory for longer than any other country. With an area of 1,073,500 square miles, Argentina is the second largest country in Latin America, the eighth largest country in the world, and the largest Spanish speaking country in the world. Antal elever per lärare i grundskolan: 17 (Sverige 12 ), Självständighet: 9 juli, 1816 från Spanien 7. The belief that the country held a great wealth of silver deposits resulted in the name "Argentina."

15Lopez, Linette. The name “Argentina” comes from the Latin word for silver, argentum. CAPITAL: Buenos Aires

4. Större sjöar: Lago Argentina, Lago Viedma, Andra större städer: Perhaps, if they make a really good craft beer, they become more likable and people are more likely to vote for them. Argentine wine is considered some of the world’s finest. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020 worldatlas.com, Towns With The Lowest Violent Crime Rates In The US, Countries With The Biggest Population Decline, Countries With the Highest Population Growth, The belief that the country held a great wealth of silver deposits resulted in the name "Argentina.".

Argentina legalized same-sex marriage in 2010, becoming the first in Latin America and the 10. Fall in love with its beauty with our list of interesting Brazil facts. She was deposed by the military in 1976 when the “Dirty War” began. Pope Francis, the current and 266th pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church, is a native of Argentina and the first non-European chosen to serve in that office. 4Barnes, Amanda.

In Argentina’s Corrientes province, Guarani is the widely spoken indigenous language that is included with Spanish as an official language. The earliest llama cattle gauchos groups lived during this pre-Columbian era. One group’s people were basic hunter/gatherers. It was the predecessor to horseball. He won the 1946 presidential election. Public International Law: Cases, Problems, and Texts. * Grundfakta Vietnam har fått en omfattande uppdatering (200126) Few countries in the world are as passionate about football as the Argentinians.

After the defeat, the country moved toward democracy and civilian rule. The residents of its ten largest metropolitan areas account for half the country’s total population. Argentine Luciana Aymar is recognized as the best female player ever in the history of women’s field hockey and is an eight time recipient of the FIH Player of the Year Award, the only woman to achieve this.

This dance originated in Buenos Aires’ slaughterhouse district in the late 1800s and combines African rhythms with Milonga music for a sensual dance. Argentina first used fingerprints in a criminal investigation in 1892, the first country in the world to do so. Juan Diaz de Solis (1516) and Sebastian Cabot (1526) followed and then Pedro de Mendoza founded the small settlement of Buenos Aires in 1536 but it was abandoned in 1541.
There is a Welsh-speaking part of Argentina and it has its own dialect of Welsh. There are no public school buses in Argentina, and students must buy their own books and uniforms. 13. 23Sims, Calvin.
Only about 20 people had a radio receiver to listen to the broadcast at the time. OFFICIAL NAME: Argentine Republic

A winter stew is locro (with corn, meat, leans, bacon, onion, and potatoes served in a gourd). Argentina’s human development index is Latin America’s highest and the ranks 45. Altogether, the country is divided into four regions – the Andes, the Pampas, the north and Patagonia, which covers the southern part of the country. This extreme focus on personal beauty has led to the rise of anorexia (a serious, potentially life-threatening eating disorder characterized by self-starvation and excessive weight loss) in the population, making Argentina the country with the second highest rate of the affliction in the world, after number one Japan. Pato is Argentina’s national sport. Its capital and largest city is Buenos Aires, and Spanish is its national language. Its Jewish population is also the seventh largest in the world. * Grundfakta Thailand har fått en omfattande uppdatering (200529) It is an official holiday and a time of great celebrations of friendships with people having dinners or parties or calling friends after work. Guarani words found in the English language include tapioca and jaguar. Andel av landytan som är åkermark: 13.9 %

But Galtieri miscalculated, and British forces won an easy victory. * Grundfakta Albanien har uppdaterats (200726) Argentina, like the United States and other countries, is considered a nation of immigrants. OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: Spanish, English, Italian, German, French The most famous player of all time is undoubtedly Diego Armando Maradona, even though Lionel Messi is a strong contender. 5. Pato is the Spanish work for “duck” and this sport originally was played by gauchos on horseback on the early 1600s with live ducks in baskets. Education is valued in Argentina and the nation’s literacy rate is around 98%. * Grundfakta Portugal har fått en omfattande uppdatering (200603) 1. Vita (mest spanska och italienska ättlingar), 97.2 %, Ursprungsbefolkning 2.4 %, Afrikanskt ursprung 0.4 %, Religion: