Contributions in the 2014 cycle: $4,450. These charts include contributions to members' presidential committees.

Click here to contact us for media inquiries, and please donate here to support our continued expansion. Ballotpedia does not curate or endorse these articles. Visitors are advised to use it at their own discretion. Arcus advocates increased recognition of the rights of great apes to live free of abuse, exploitation and private ownership. What type of Due Diligence do Donors undertake to identify the NGO they can fund? Cindy Rizzo, senior adviser for evaluation and strategy, is … Marcus Foundation grants $3.2 million. Privacy Policy, Simple and Smart Ways to Raise Start-up Funding for your New NGO, The fundsforNGOs Guide for NGOs on Corporate Social Responsibility. [5] The foundation was founded by Jon Stryker, heir to the Stryker Corporation medical supply company fortune. Arcus is dedicated to the idea that people can live in harmony with one another and the natural world. FUNDSFORNGOS LLC Office 1018 1060 Broadway Albany New York - 12204 USA. [8] As a teenager, Stryker kept a monkey as a pet, until keeping it domestically seemed inhumane, at which point he donated the monkey to the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Illinois. The position is funded through a grant from The Marcus...more. The Arcus Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private nonprofit foundation that awards grants to organizations that support primate conservation and what it describes as social justice for members of the LGBT community around the world. Arcus Foundation has not reported any outside spending in the 2020 election cycle. Cambridge CB2 1GE ", "The Arcus Foundation Focuses on Outreach to Faith Communities", "Kalamazoo College Receives $23 Million Grant from Arcus Foundation to Fund Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership", "Foundation gives $23M grant to Kalamazoo College", "Anti-Cordileone ad misrepresents Catholicism, archdiocese says", "LGBT foundation aims to counter Vatican family synod", "An Arcus news service? Arcus has supported Jane Goodall's work. How to influence Donors and Funding Organizations with Social Media Postings, How to Develop an NGO Profile for Success, NGO Monitoring and Evaluation Systems for Assured Grant Success. … Its 501(c) designation refers to a section of the U.S. federal income tax code concerning charitable, religious, and educational organizations. Emily Zaghi is the first director of the Jewish Fertility Foundation-Atlanta. The Arcus Foundation is a charitable foundation focused on issues related to LGBT rights, social justice and conservation. Based in New York, New York, the Arcus Foundation works globally and has offices in Kalamazoo, Michigan and Cambridge, United Kingdom. Founded in 2000, The Arcus Foundation is a leading global foundation advancing pressing social justice and conservation issues.

The Arcus Foundation is a leading global foundation dedicated to the idea that people can live in harmony with one another and the natural world. Arcus Foundation - Social Justice. It provides grants for over 400 organizations that aim to protect great apes or advance what it describes as the cause of social justice for LGBT people around the world. How NGOs can become Successful Online Fundraisers? Arcus Foundation has not reported any outside spending in the 2014 election cycle. Arcus Foundation 119 W 24th St New York NY 10011. Applicants must have in place a board-approved Equal. Sign up today to save your favorite organizations and get email alerts when new ones are posted. [13][14], In 2014, Arcus awarded $75,000 to the Washington, DC-based Faithful America to “promote greater media visibility for Christians who denounce the abuse of religious-freedom arguments to oppose full equality” for LGBT people. Click here to Sign up! [26] This exemption requires that any political activity by the charitable organization be nonpartisan in nature.[27]. [6] The foundation has offices in New York City and Cambridge, England.[7]. How to Organize Nonprofit Fundraising Events? The ultimate goal of the Arcus Social Justice program is to ensure that individuals and families around the world of every sexual orientation and gender identity are able to live their lives with dignity and respect, and express their love and sense of self. Sign up for our newsletter to track money’s influence on U.S. elections and public policy. Arcus Foundation Annette Lanjouw, co-executive director and head of its Great Apes program, will now serve as CEO of the $201 million foundation. [21] Lanjouw returned to her primary role as vice president of strategic initiatives and great ape programs when Kevin Jennings became executive director in September 2012.

At one 2008 meeting in Bellagio, Italy, 29 international leaders committed to expanding global philanthropy to support LGBT rights. The Arcus Foundation is a left-leaning grantmaking foundation associated with billionaire medical device heir Jon Stryker which, since its founding in 2000, has focused on promoting ethnic minority and LGBT interests and conserving great ape populations.

"[5][6], The Arcus Foundation announced in December 2015 that it would help contribute $20 million to support organizations in the transgender movement. The foundation's stated mission is "to ensure that LGBT people and our fellow apes thrive in a world where social and environmental justice are a reality." [20] In April 2012, Annette Lanjouw was appointed as interim executive director.