[5][6] On at least one occasion, in 1972, Leonard Cohen covered the song in concert.[7]. This goes back to the old bardic tradition. He was 18 years old at the time. "Kevin Barry" is a popular Irish rebel song recounting the death of Kevin Barry, a member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) who was hanged on 1 November 1920.

The song has been sung all over the world by artists as diverse as Paul Robeson and Leonard Cohen. His refusal to inform on his comrades under pain of torture and death earned admiration in the ears and eyes of the listener.

Over the years, Kevin Barry’s age has played a major part in his legacy, and in the propaganda surrounding his execution. This is one version: Since Barry was born in January 1902, he had in fact lived through 19 summers when he was executed. For the 'cause of liberty

[8] It was said to be so popular with British troops during the Troubles that it was banned.

In Mountjoy jail one Monday morning High upon the gallows tree Kevin Barry gave his young life For the cause of liberty Just a lad of eighteen summers Yet there’s no one can deny As he walked to death that morning He proudly held his head on high, Just before he faced the hangman In his dreary prison cell British soldiers tortured Barry Just because he would not tell The names of his brave companions And other things they wished to know "Turn informer or we'll kill you" Kevin Barry answered, "No!”, Another martyr for old Ireland Another murder for the crown Whose brutal laws may kill the Irish But can't keep their spirit down Lads like Barry are no cowards From the foe they will not fly Lads like Barry will free Ireland For her cause they'll live and die, Read more: Remembering the Clancy Brothers on the anniversary of Tom's death. Kevin Barry features prominently in Frank McCourt's novel Angela's Ashes and in the 1999 movie adaptation of the book.[10].

The Irish claimed that Barry was a soldier engaged in a war of independence and should be treated as a prisoner of war, rather than as a common criminal. Just because he would not tell Barry and his fellow volunteers were content just to take the arms they found; the 25 British soldiers they captured were released unharmed. Last.fm Music | Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. / All rights reserved. The British soldiers tortured Barry Thanks again to …

The American singer Paul Robeson included it in this album Songs of Struggle, although this version tones down the anti-British sentiment of the original. Please check your junk mail folder in case it gets sent there. He was 18 years old at the time. It spurred many to action, and countless others to support action being taken. Irish singers Email: k.tonks19@btinternet.com .

Stunning Illuminated Letters based on the ancient Book of Kells, Ireland continues to produce world class folk musicians.

Kevin Barry was from a well to do family who ran a dairy in Dublin. The arrest of Kevin Barry led to a propaganda battle between Irish nationalists and the British authorities. In his dreary prison cell The British did not consider the two incidents to be comparable and the date was set for Barry’s trial.

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A rare good quality performance of Kevin Barry, most probably from the Israeli leg of the 1972 tour - if you know more about this, do get in touch! The author of the lyrics in unknown but the song emerged soon after Barry’s execution in1920. [1] Barry's family investigated this in the 1920s, but were only told it was the work of an Irish emigrant living in Glasgow. Showcase Some sources claim that it was written by Terrence Ward, a journalist, but this is incorrect: he actually wrote another song about Barry. But CANNOT KEEP their spirits down. For example: "The Rising Of The Moon" was written to the tune of "The Wearing Of The Green". After graduating, Berklee asked Kevin to stay on board, but this time as an instructor. The ballad, Kevin Barry, was written shortly after his execution on Nov 1, 1920, by an unknown author and it spread like wildfire. Another martyr for old Erin Another martyr for the crown The British laws may crush the Irish But cannot keep their spirits down But cannot keep their spirits down, Just before he faced the hangman Many Irish Americans have told me of their parents' affection for the song.

The arrest of Kevin Barry led to a propaganda battle between Irish nationalists and the British authorities. Sometimes the songs would have different lyrics depending on who sang them, or different airs/melodies.

One of the Irish rebels songs, executed in 1920, the song Kevin Barry, spurred many to action, and countless others to support action being taken. This act of mercy was to come to the fore a few months later when Barry was captured in another operation. But now, we have the radio, and television, and the aforementioned internet. He went on to become a medical student at University College Dublin. As the author is unknown there is no definitive version, they can be sung with various verses added or omitted, or without the chorus, or other minor variations. [9] It was one of many Irish rebel ballads removed from RTÉ playlists during the period of the conflict in Northern Ireland. Kevin Barry This song is by Lonnie Donegan and appears on the compilation album More Than 'Pye in the Sky' (1993) and on the compilation album Rock Island Line: The Singles Anthology 1955-1967 (2002). The lyrics are set to an old sea shanty called Rolling Home to Ireland. Become a Friend of IrishCentral - help us to continue bringing Ireland to you. To become an IrishCentral contributor click here. Why is the race between Biden and Trump this close?

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Tel: 07491 978548. That really impressed upon me how deeply this song is ingrained in people's memory.