But Martha Raye was a multiple times married bisexual-lesbian type. I know we do! Go to about 7 minutes in. She must have been lonely to marry a fairy. He was handsome enough, and what Texas could have resisted voting for the man who married Miss Kitty? with his beard. Martha Raye did it.

I'm more inclined to believe that she was old and lonley and he was livley and funny and made her laugh and feel young...so she was prolly in denial about the gay part (you know the old 'everyone in the room can see the obvious except me' deal, ecept this case it was the whole town) ...maybe they tried it once (sometimes that's all it takes) or twice, and then she either caught him with a man or she realized the obvious and humiliated, promptly divorced him. I don't think it was so much to cover his being gay but to cover his association with an intimate partner that died of the disease. He had big ambitions of running for Governor and she was there to cover for him among the more conservative voters, the police department, fire department, all those that were big fans of the show. She was wheelchair-bound, both legs amputated, but when Harris was straight-out asked if they had sex he giggled and breathlessly stated "YES!"


click ACCEPT I guess it can never be verified, but she may well have gotten AIDS from him. I lived in Austin at the time as well. "are you aware that Martha Raye was a lesbian? I remember her death and I think it is so sad. What's up with that?

Amanda Blake did it. ", If she was a lesbian, then why didn't she hook up with a FEMALE golddigger instead of a male? 7 8 9. It will only be a matter of time before a worldwide catastrophe happens. Remember back then, people treated it like the recent Ebola crises - scared to be in the same room with someone, drink from someone's cup, use someone's towel, or shake hands even. Suddenly he began playing straight (while still trying to placate the gay voters who ended up mad at him for doing so). Liver spots? Or, r23, she could have 'adopted' a much younger woman. How much does does a 100 dollar roblox gift card get you in robhx?

So sad! Her central nervous system was damaged and she was nearly blind. AB knew what she was getting into to, she was down on her luck, had not been successful in the marriage dept with straight men. https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/amanda-blake-34459.php A developer and city councilman, he died of AIDS four years ago at age 45, shortly after their marriage of less than a year ended in divorce. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads.
How did Amanda Blake die? Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? She was 60.Blake died Wednesday night at Mercy General Hospital, said hospital spokeswoman Jerri Ewen. Poor deluded mhb. For a promising politician, being associated with a man that died of Aids would have been the "kiss of death" politically. Some features on this site require registration. 13 posts later and no one is going to slap the shit out of r25 ? Please complete the process by verifying your email address. The doctor, Lou Nishimura, a Sacramento internist, said Monday that Miss Blake, who died at age 60 on Aug. 16, did have throat cancer. No doubt, they had sex (I mean you are married, trying to appear married, living together, playing both sides of the fence, you have a few drinks and.... she didn't have to have actual intercourse either to get the disease). Blake attempted to keep the cat, but ended up sending it to a zoo in Brownsville, Texas, after she decided it was unmanageable. She also has a fun part in "The Boost" the film with Sean Young about coke addicts, she smokes rock in it. Maybe she was broke and felt she had no choice.

Look at the marriage and death dates. Well, maybe they did engage in some sort of sexual activity (truly a ghastly image, isn't it? What a terribly sad thing it is.

A strong possibility is that she received it from her last husband, Mark Spaeth of Austin, Texas.

Why did some fucker say she got it from a blood transfusion? She was also described as a woman who enjoyed sex. Since so many gay men on Datalounge have claimed they occasionally dip their wicks in female poon, it's highly likely that she and her gay husband did on occasion have sex. "She was a beautiful and gracious lady who had a lot to do with the success of "Gunsmoke,' " series star James Arness said Thursday. Martha always presented herself as heterosexual with numerous marriages (including with one of Judy's exes); maybe with what was left of her mind, she thought Mark Harris would save her. You must be young. It was simply second hand info to me but told to me by people who knew both Mark and his companion intimately. [quote]Martha always presented herself as heterosexual with numerous marriages (including with one of Judy's exes); David Rose divorced Martha to marry Judy a year after the Wizard of Oz premiered. Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? I onlu wish Ms. Blake had not met the sorry something!!! ); it certainly wouldn't have taken a lot to satisfy the half-dead old woman. She was worth more than that.
Martha Raye did it. Oh, he was also associated with Jerry Smith, the former Redskin football player.