If the first two teams finished on equal points then goal averagewould decide who was placed first and second. The format of the competition changed from 1954: 16 teams still competed in four groups of four, but this time each team played each of the other teams in its group at least once, without extra time in the event of a draw. Initially, Brazil was going to wear white, but this idea was rejected when the players were visibly frightened by the idea, recalling their loss in 1950.

All the latest news about1958 FIFA World Cup Sweden ™ awards As in 1954, if the second and third placed teams finished on the same points, then there would be a play-off with the winner goin… Brazil boycotted the draw, thus making Sweden winner, and forcing Brazil to find another color to wear.

Eventually the staff went on to buy 22 blue t-shirts and sewed the Brazilian emblem. 1958 World Cup Final, Stockholm, Sweden, 29th June, 1958, Sweden 2 v Brazil 5, Brazil's Pele surrounded by delighted Brazilian fans after the final in which he …

Since both teams wore a yellow kit as their first choice, a draw was arranged in order to decide which team would use its regular strip. Two points were awarded for a win and one point for a draw.